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Re: libarchive12: ldconfig warns that libarchive.so.12 is not a symbolic link

Hello Bruce,

Am 19.09.2016 um 14:47 schrieb Bruce Toll:
> I reported a bug with the recent (Sept. 10) libarchive12 security update
> (Debian BTS 838243) and heard back from Andreas Henriksson that I should
> reach out to the package uploader and Debian LTS team directly.
> I appreciate the great work that you and the LTS team are doing to keep
> wheezy secure. The issue seems fairly minor and is described in the bug
> tracker, https://bugs.debian.org/838243. Thanks!

Thanks for your bugreport. Indeed, it looks like, something went wrong
with the build of libarchive12 3.0.4-3+wheezy3 on amd64. For the other
supported archs, everything seems fine.

I suspect that this is due to me building the amd64 binaries inside a
virtualbox VM with the build directory mounted as vboxsf share mount.
Apparently, symlinks get screwed up up on vboxsf mounts.

Another LTS update of libarchive is underway anyway, Emilio Pozuelo
Monfort is working on it. I suggest to wait until his upload, which will
fix the bug (except if he builds on a vboxsf share as well) :)


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