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Re: Wheezy update of inspircd?

I am a bit surprised to see this - are ircd packages sponsored now?
There's a similar issue in Charybdis and I deliberately marked it as
unsupported in LTS because, AFAIK, no customer expressed the need to
support those yet.

I'd be glad to see if we can update charybdis in Wheezy as well, but to
be honest, i think people running IRCs on wheezy are really looking for
trouble, both in the case of charybdis and inspircd. I think they should
be marked as unsupported, because they are not supported upstream.

I had an interesting conversation with the inspircd maintainers
recently, over IRC: they are basically saying that 2.0.5 is full of
security holes, and they do not bother with issuing CVEs, so it's really
hard to tell what version if affected by what.

It's only because I requested those CVEs that this issue propped up on
Debian's radar at all, btw...

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