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Re: qemu: CVE-2016-7116

Hi Balint,

> I took the liberty of claiming qemu-kvm for you in dla-needed.txt.

Thanks !

> There are also new issues reported today for qemu.

I've had a quick look at them, but I'd like to fix CVE-2016-7116 firstly.

In fact, reproducing this issue turned out to be a bit more difficult than
what I expected because I have difficulties to set up a test environment
in my VM (qemu VM with host directory sharing via 9pfs). I've encountered
a bug (exact same situation as here[0]), and I have performances issues
because of inefficient VM interlocking. I'm currently setting up a physical
wheezy system to get rid of the first virtualization level.


[0] https://www.mail-archive.com/kvm@vger.kernel.org/msg30993.html

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