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LTS report for August

August 2016 was my third month as a debian-lts contributor. I was
allocated 14.75 hours in addition to the 2 hours not used in the
previous month.

I used 9.5 hours in which I worked on the following:

* DLA 581-1 libreoffice security update (CVE-2016-1513)
* DLA 595-1 wireshark security update (9 CVE-s)
* DLA 597-1 libupnp security update (CVE-2016-6255)
  - did some further checking and also checked reverse dependencies
* DLA 605-1 eog security update (CVE-2016-6855)
  - also prepared fix for Jessie in the packaging repo

I also share Brian's observation that the backlog shrank to a very low
level and the lack of actionable outstanding issues made me carry 7.25
hours to September.


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