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Re: matrixssl

On 02/09/16 18:42, Brian May wrote:

> sslio[8259]: fatal: unable to read cert or key file: no error

I found that error reported in an unrelated bug report, the solution
seems to be:


> I have been hit by the problem lamented by Jean Franco whiel deploying Netsol released certificates.
> After much puzzling over the probLEM (I had done similar activities in the past w/no problems whatsoever) I found out that converting the key with:
> openssl rsa -in a.key -out b.key
> and the cert with:
> openssl x509 -in a.key -out b.key
> (this last step i snot really necessary
> and then using the - functionially equivalent - b.crt, b.key in place of a.crt, a.key makes the issue go away.   
> The problem appears to lie with sslio being unable to interpret the key file - the ones that failed begin with 
> while the onoe that succed begin with:

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