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LTS report for August 2016


This month I was allocated 14.75 hours to work on Debian-LTS. I spent 13.5 hours
doing the following:

- openjdk-7: after some back and forth, finally pushed the update for openjdk-7
- icedtea-web: pushed the update to make icedtea-plugin default to openjdk-7
- fontconfig: prepared, tested and uploaded security update
- tiff: prepared, tested and uploaded an update fixing several vulnerabilities.
  there still are some unfixed vulnerabilities which I'll look at soon
- cacti: prepared and tested and pushed package to fix regression
- gcc-4.8 & firefox: looked at building gcc-4.8 (gcc-mozilla) for wheezy.
  built and tested firefox_49.0~b1-1 against it


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