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Re: Wheezy update for tryton-server

Hi Mathias,

On Wed, 31 Aug 2016, Mathias Behrle wrote:
I have prepared a fixed wheezy package for CVE-2016-1242 in tryton-server,
debdiff attached.

yes, looks good for me.

I would like to get into the procedures for LTS, so if it is ok for you I would
do the next steps myself.

Sure, just go ahead.

 Please just tell me, if I should upload and then
claim the DLA and post the announce according to

As the LTS team coordinates all the work through the file dla-needed.txt in the security tracker repository, the first step should be to claim the package there. So everyone knows that you will do all the work ...
(I added you now)

Afterwards, please upload first and wait until you got an email that the package was accepted. After that claim the DLA and send the signed announcement. While claiming the DLA with bin/gen-DLA your entry in dla-needed.txt will be removed as well.


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