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August Report

This month I had 14.75 hours and I spent my 14.751 hours on the
following projects:

* New release of python-django for wheezy. This release did not fix
  any security issues, but did fix a number of bugs.

* Research security issue in twisted, CVE-2016-1000111. I concluded
  that it wasn't a security risk in twisted as search and applying
  the upstream patch means breaking functionality that people could
  be relying on.
  [Message: [🔎] 87k2fp83cv.fsf@prune.linuxpenguins.xyz]

* Researched security issues in matrixssl (no CVE assigned). Matrixssl bignum
  issues. This work is ongoing. [Thread: [🔎] 87inv9821q.fsf@prune.linuxpenguins.xyz]

* Investigated another security issue in matrixssl, and submitted patch
  for peer review on the Debian LTS mailing list.
  [Message: [🔎] 8760qt43tm.fsf@prune.linuxpenguins.xyz]

* Research security issue CVE-2015-8834 in wordpress. This work is ongoing.
  [Thread: id:161e564a-9583-bb17-f975-8a53dfcabf42@debian.org]

* Research security issue CVE-2016-2839 in Firefox, and found the security
  issue is non-existant in wheezy and has been fixed.
  [Message: [🔎] 20160817083426.bc7ltslwjdpma7ou@glandium.org]

* Investigated security issues in Chicken. CVE-2016-6830 and CVE-2016-6831.
  [Message: [🔎] 87shu1429n.fsf@prune.linuxpenguins.xyz]

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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