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Re: matrixssl

Brian May <brian@linuxpenguins.xyz> writes:

> Had a quick look at the matrixssl security vulnerability.
> Unfortunately, finding it difficult to work out which of the upstream
> changes fixes this.

Was meaning to be more informative here, unfortunately the train I was
travelling on unexpectedly terminated prematurely.

Here is a complete list of changes in the upstream git:

866749e (tag: 3-8-4-open) MatrixSSL 3.8.4
458806d MatrixSSL 3.8.4
a85d4a8 MatrixSSL 3.8.4
6db319d MatrixSSL 3.8.4
57d20a6 MatrixSSL 3.8.4
7a254a8 compile stub main if USE_DTLS not defined
833e289 added PDF doc
5d849c6 kramdown compatibility
d6e5786 coverity analyzer fixes
c4ff9f9 clang analyzer fixes
27c76c7 Coverity scan fixes
855a6d7 Coverity scan fixes
5ca20e1 Coverity scan fixes
464b9af GPLv2
ac16cf8 Coverity scan fixes
b7583a1 Added badges
de55a7f Attribution
a90e925 (tag: 3-8-3-open) MatrixSSL 3.8.3 Open
3240fb3 MatrixSSL 3.8.3 Open
699247e MatrixSSL 3.8.3 Open
d219831 MatrixSSL 3.8.3 Open
08d42f4 MatrixSSL 3.8.3 Open
591a069 MatrixSSL 3.8.3 Open
825dcb0 Added xcode files.
7e6c0a9 MatrixSSL 3.8.3 Open
5b09e8e MatrixSSL 3.8.3 Open
2a11588 comment change
ab51aef Update for latest 3.7.2a release
9d383e1 New release of MatrixSSL 3.7.2
258ee61 Update image url
21a95e0 Added logo
1dfc3fe Update README.md
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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