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Re: LTS version tracking

On 04.08.2016 17:48, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> It looks (at least based on #833030) that the Debian BTS doesn't know
> about LTS version numbers of packages - since the graph thinks that all
> versions are affected when the submitter specifid the LTS release
> version in the report.
> If so, can this be fixed?
> (Please CC me on replies)

Hello Dominic,

thank you for raising this issue which I can confirm. The BTS
administrators can probably give more insight into the inner workings of
the BTS. Just off the top of my head you can mitigate this issue somehow
by using found/notfound and fixed/notfixed commands. I know that we have
a similar problem with DDPO and the PTS that don't list uploads to
Wheezy LTS because they apparently don't know about them.

I have no concrete solutions at the moment and I hope others on the list
or the BTS admins can chime in here.



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