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Re: Wheezy update of collectd?

On 07/28/2016 05:02 PM, Sebastian Harl wrote:
> Thanks. I updated dla-needed.
> The fixed packages are ready for upload now. Please find the full
> debdiff (source and binary) attached to this email. Note that the
> (seemingly) added dependency on libxtables7 is a no-op. It's a virtual
> package provided by iptables (which is a dependency already).
> Apparently, there was some change after the original wheezy upload
> that's causing this to now show up.
> Similar, the new dependency on zlib1g shouldn't make a difference
> either. The package has priority=required. Not sure why it's now showing
> up in the dependencies but didn't previously.
> I'll wait for your "Go" to actually upload the package.

Sure, until tomorrow I'll try to test it and give you a feedback.

> Then, I'd go ahead to claim an DLA as documented. Should I wait for and
> synchronize with the DSA or should I come up with my own text?

I think you can go ahead with your own text if you are able to explain
the fixed vulnerabilities, helping users to understand them. If I am
wrong, please, correct me :)


Lucas Kanashiro
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