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Re: CVE-2016-6131 binutils, gdb, valgrind etc.

On Wed, Jul 06, 2016 at 05:57:43PM +0200, Markus Koschany wrote:
> In this specific case I wouldn't do it because of the reasons I have
> mentioned before but more input from others is welcome. If we decide to
> fix these issues we also need to take care of valgrind, nescc,
> libiberty, ht, gdb, gcc-h8300-hms and binutils-h8300-hms. Otherwise it
> would be rather inconsistent.
I disagree. Perfect is the enemy of good. We have inconsistances in many
places too.

Brians work was useful and should not be lost. It's good to close
"minor" security holes.

(I also disagree that fixing other stuff follows from fixing this.)



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