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Re: Squid3 in wheezy-backports and dependencies

On 04.07.2016 17:25, Antoine MILLET wrote:
> Hello,
> First of all I would thank all the LTS team for the great work you've done last years.

Hello Antoine,

thank you for using Wheezy LTS.

> One of my sysadmin had the issue with squid and dependancies exlained in : https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=819523.
> Is there an issue with the Squid package, do you need some help ?

It appears that #819523 is about the backported squid3 packages in
wheezy-backports. The squid maintainer is responsible for any updates in
this suite. The LTS team handles all security updates in the regular
Wheezy suite. See also our FAQ entry about wheezy-backports: [1]

I suggest to contact the squid maintainer again. Perhaps he would like
your help to fix this issue.




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