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Re: [SECURITY] [DLA 520-1] horizon security update


On Sat, 18 Jun 2016, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Package        : horizon
> Version        : 2012.1.1-10+deb7u1
> CVE ID         : CVE-2016-4428
> It was discovered that there was an XSS vulnerability in horizon,
> a Django module providing web interaction with OpenStack.

┏x230-buxy:~/deb/lts/debian-security-support (master)
┗(547)$ grep horizon security-support-*
security-support-ended.deb7:horizon                 2012.1.1-10             2016-02-06  Not supported in Debian LTS (https://lists.debian.org/debian-lts/2015/11/msg00024.html)

All of Openstack is no longer support in Wheezy LTS. Please
don't spend time on unsupported packages.

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