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Re: Security update of libxstream-java

On 02.06.2016 11:35, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Le 2/06/2016 à 11:19, Markus Koschany a écrit :
>> I saw that you have claimed libxstream-java in dla-needed.txt. It's been
>> a while since the security update for Jessie has been released. Is there
>> a reason why libxstream-java hasn't been updated in Wheezy yet?
> Hi Markus,
> Sorry I forgot about it. The fix is ready in the Git repository [1],
> feel free to upload it to wheezy-lts.
> Emmanuel Bourg
> [1]
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-java/libxstream-java.git/log/?h=wheezy

Hi Emmanuel,

thank you for your reply. My question was mainly directed at Moritz who
took care of the upload for Jessie and who is currently also listed as
the owner for Wheezy. I just wanted to make sure that this issue hasn't
been forgotten. Unless I hear something different from Moritz I will
take care of this upload at the weekend.



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