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Re: testing asterisk for Wheezy LTS

Hi there,

I've got a heads up from Antoine to try and install the new asterisk
package from:


Install procedure works great and most functionality is working.

however I've found a regression: manager connections (in my case
established from localhost) are super slow and/or not responding at all.

I'm getting these messages in the console:

  == Manager 'munin' logged on from
[2016-04-28 02:18:27] ERROR[13108]: utils.c:1222 ast_careful_fwrite:
fwrite() returned error: Broken pipe

as a result from munin trying to get information from the manager port
on 5038 tcp.

Downgrading to 1: brought this back to working ok.

if I try debugging a tcp connection to port 5038 with nc a login action
hangs there doing nothing and I end up seeing that SIP gets jammed up
after a while (e.g. nagios tells me it can't connect to the asterisk
server with SIP anymore). this clears up when I hit ctrl-c to kill the
manager connection.

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