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Re: Status report: Making OpenJDK 7 the default in Wheezy LTS

Hi Guido,

Am 01.04.2016 um 12:32 schrieb Guido Günther:
> This all sound reasonable to me. I wonder if we should prepare a update
> repository before that to make testing simpler (or maybe do this via
> backports)?

I think the situation looks like that:

1. Changing the runtime dependencies to default-jre | java6-runtime
   where necessary shouldn't cause any troubles.
   I haven't found a major issue so far with those eighteen packages.
   If the packages are accepted by the release team, they will also be
   part of wheezy-proposed-updates and I could send another request to
   this list to test them.

2. java-common and the actual switch to OpenJDK 7 will have an impact
   on server packages like Tomcat and Jetty. My current plan is to
   upload no-change packages with NEWS files of Tomcat, Jetty and
   java-common when Wheezy-LTS starts and to inform users to test their
   web applications with OpenJDK 7 and to do the switch manually before
   we do the real switch two months later. I will also recommend to
   them to explicitly set the JAVA_HOME variable, e.g. in
   /etc/default/tomcat7 to point to either OpenJDK 6 for now or OpenJDK
   7 later because keeping the default value, which simply points to
   the default-java implementation, might cause runtime errors on

I think in this case it could make sense to upload a backport of
java-common to wheezy-backports to ease testing. However it is crucial
that users either read the announcements on the mailing lists or the
NEWS file and do manual tests with OpenJDK 7 and no backport can free
them from this task.

The switch to OpenJDK 7 will also cause many Java packages to FTBFS.
These kind of bugs are already fixed in Jessie and we tracked them as
part of the OpenJDK 7 transition.


I don't think these bugs are a major issue for Wheezy-LTS. Users can
still use OpenJDK 6 to rebuild their packages but they need to make two
adjustments, build-depending on openjdk-6-jdk directly and pointing
JAVA_HOME to the Java 6 implementation. I will document this regression
and how to fix it on the Wiki.



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