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Xen security updates on Wheezy

(Opening a new thread to clarify topic.)

Brian, I have tested the packages you have proided here:


They seem to hold, although I have yet to test them in production. One
thing I noticed is that they don't seem to fix CVE-2015-8104 and
CVE-2015-5307, ie. that the patches you posted in
<[🔎] 87d1qvvzhi.fsf@prune.linuxpenguins.xyz> were not factored into the
package. That would seem to be important (and maybe we could push those
back towards the Ubuntu folks as well).

I think that, with those two patches, the Xen packages would be up to
date in Wheezy! Security team: can we get your go for a DSA on those?
I'd send a debdiff first of course.

Brian: should I go ahead and build that myself or do you want to
followup on Xen yourself?

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