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Re: [PATCH] Given a package allow to check in which releases security support has ended

On 2016-02-17 12:13:35, Guido Günther wrote:
> When triaging LTS issues I always have to look up what we still support
> and what not. Attached script simplifies this a bit:
>     $ bin/support-ended.py --lists /path/to/debian-security-support/ iceape
>     Package unsupported in wheezy
>     Package unsupported in squeeze
> Does this make sense? It would be great if we could later add this to
> the scripts mangling data/CVE/list to add the <end-of-life> entries
> automatically. What would be the right place for that?
> I didn't find a place in Debian where we canonically map release names
> to release numbers (i.e. squeeze -> 6.x, jessie -> 7.x). I'm sure there
> is such a thing so I'm happy about any pointers.

Good idea, couldn't this be integrated in find-work?


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                        - Arthur C. Clarke

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