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Re: Preparing to announce Squeeze LTS end-of-life

On 02/10/2016 10:17 AM, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:

so, are you prepared for valentine's day massacre?

Actually not: It is Wheezy (7.9) now, and I predict its valentine's day massacre to approach in few years. Btw, when is the end of life for Wheezy LTS?

or have you tried something like memory upgrade?

I notice slowdown when logging to lxde after upgrading to jessie,
however I think most of problems aren't related to HW performance, I
remember ~18 tears ago when installing dnsmasq locally speed up my
computer much.

Well, it's an 1999-year machine, 224 meg RAM, Celeron 400 MHz. I do not plan to waste $$$ for an upgrade. As long as it works I'll keep it as is. Interestingly, while that box was running Squeeze LTS, I found xfce to be the fastest GUI (compared to lxde and gnome). Now with Wheezy, Gnome is the speediest. It's slow but works.

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