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Re: Preparing to announce Squeeze LTS end-of-life

On 2016-02-09 08:51:20, Holger Levsen wrote:
> There's one irritation though, which I could not fix yet: if support for 
> Squeeze LTS ends now or on the last day of February, and support for Wheezy 
> will be taken over from the security team on April 26th, what will the LTS 
> team do in the maintime? It reads as if the LTS team would do nothing til 
> then.

That was something I was wondering about as well.

One idea I was thinking of was to collaborate with the secteam to merge
all the work we have done on squeeze that still has to be forward-ported
into wheezy.

If squeeze is not supported anymore and wheezy is supported by the
secteam, the least we could do is to make sure wheezy is up to date to
squeeze, since we're going to have to do that work eventually anyways.

How does that sound?

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