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Re: eglibc 2.11.3-4+deb6u9 crashes php on reload


Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar@fantomas.sk> writes:
I also found ONE where apache continued run without crash.
It's the only one with 32bit system and amd64 kernel, but another difference
that apache is reloaded here weekly (daily on other machines).

On 08.02.16 21:33, Brian May wrote:
Just a random impulsive thought ; it isn't something to do with
processes that were left running from before the upgrade?

Maybe you do need to restart the processes after the upgrade.

quite possible, but it should not be usually needed between releases.
Shouldn't the postinst script do that if that's needed?

I believe this symbol is new, it wasn't present in the previous libc6,
so processes somehow might be getting the reference to the new symbol
without actually loading the new symbol.

I was able to reproduce the problem, even on the machine above that didn't
crash last night.

1. installed *deb6u8* packages
     - dpkg -i manually, note that libc6 complained about dependencies
2. restarted apache
3. upgraded to *deb6u9* packages
4. apachectl graceful

the deb6u8 packages do not seem to contain the symbol __strtod_nan.

Seems that when apache running with old libraries without __strtod_nan
symbol was instructed to reload, libphp was reloaded with new version of
libm containing this symbol, so runtime link error happened.

it complained about non-existing symbol that
was not linked with apache.

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