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Re: squeeze update of cups?

Sorry to not have seen the initial mail, on too many lists…

Le lundi, 21 septembre 2015, 23.30:16 Santiago Ruano Rincón a écrit :
> Sorry if you receive the below message twice. The debdiff is too big,
> so I put it here:
> https://people.debian.org/~santiago/cups_1.4.4-7+squeeze9_versus_squee
> ze10~1.diff.xz

This diff is polluted with .git noise because I mis-uploaded squeeze9 as 
native package, sorry for that. :/ .git should totally be removed, sure.

You're also missing the the patch entry in 00list, see previous 
changelog entries.

Otherwise looks fine, I'll push it to the repository when uploaded.


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