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Re: VirtualBox support in squeeze LTS

Hi Folks,

I did the update (I did some testing and everything seems good)


I see Mike on the page mentioned on the wiki,

"virtualbox-ose (Mike Gabriel)"

so please Mike, can you get the packaging and followup with the upload?
You can dget them easily from DoM, or ask me to put them everywhere else

I don't know that LTS stuff enough to learn it and do things correctly.
I would appreciate to avoid use of the svn repository and do things in the bad way.
The packaging should be good, however you might want to use a more verbose changelog.
Well, feel free to play with it in your best way you want

(note: I tried to keep the changelog with the wheezy-security and jessie-security uploaded changes)

let me know if anything is needed from my side!



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