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Re: libxml2 in squeeze-lts: remove or activate patch files in debian/patches


On Fri, 03 Jul 2015, Kazuhiro Hayashi wrote:
> According to the report message[0], they are shipped individually
> for better review. However, they are actually unused at build-time.
> Instead, .diff.gz provides the same modifications as the above patches.
> The patch files might be a bit confusing in future, so I suggest
> removing either one (.diff.gz or debian/patches/*). I attached two patches.
> Could you consider to use one of them in the next update?

FWIW, your patch apply-debian-patches-at-build-time.patch does not work.
To ensure that patches files are applied at build time, you would need to
change the source format to "3.0 (quilt)" and this kind of change is
usually not done in security uploads.

So instead we stick the changes in the .diff.gz to stay within the limits
of format 1.0. But that makes the changes unreviewable, so we ship the
individual patches too.

It's the best compromise for us right now. I'm sorry if you find this
confusing, but there are reasons explaining this choice.

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