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Re: debdiff for CVE-2015-3206 (pykerberos)

On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 09:14:14PM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Hi Guido,
> I just saw that you are co-maintainer of pykerberos. I realized after I had
> already put my name behind the package name in dla-needed.txt.
> As you are also on the LTS team, do you want to continue with uploading the
> package? Or shall I see to the upload and DLA? Maybe you just want to take a
> quick look and let me proceed. Please let me know your preferences here.

Go ahead, you've done most of the work already. I had a look at the code
on github when triaging the bug and it looked correct then but can
break existing applications if we leave the default of verify == True
(as noted in the CVE list).

 -- Guido

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