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Re: Proposal 189 - Preparing for Wheezy LTS (Raphaël Hertzog)


leaving context for others so that they can voice their opinions if they
don't agree with me that video coverage is desirable.

On Fri, 19 Jun 2015, Maximiliano Curia wrote:
> Hi!
> In previous DebConfs there have been many events called "BoFs" that were
> actually presentations of one speaker in the front, sometimes with slides,
> usually held in the same big rooms as the other talks.
> In DebConf15, the largest BoF room will have space for a maximum of 45
> people (and will have video coverage) and there will be a number of other
> smaller rooms with space for 15 to 20 people, without video coverage.
> We have quite a number of BoF proposals, and only a few of them will get
> video coverage, which is of course a hard decision to take, as not all of
> the currently submitted BoFs will get video coverage.
> For all these reasons we ask you to consider the following options:
> - Will your BoF consist mostly of one or two speakers in the front, doing a
>   presentation?  If so, please change it to be a talk.


> - Will your BoF be mostly for the people present in the room, and thus does
>   not require video coverage? If so, please make sure that the "video
>   recording" box is not ticked.

The discussion will involve security team, LTS team and ftpmasters and
possibly a bunch a LTS users. But given that the topic is possibly of
interest to many LTS sponsors, it would be nice to have an actual
recording of the event.

> - Would it make sense to split it into two sections, one that can be streamed
>   and one that can be just in-person? If so, you could submit a second event,
>   or add a comment in the already existing one to let us know.

We already have a separate presentation of the LTS team in a talk. So I
believe that we do respect this criteria.

> Whatever you decide to do, please also tell us by replying to this email.


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