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Re: About the security issues affecting dcraw/ufraw/libraw/rawtherapee/rawstudio/exactimage/freeimage in Squeeze

i cannot see recent activity arount those issues ..

if i have some dsc's in another reos can be usefully for sponsored ?
and uploaded or used for  squeeze-lts?
Lenz McKAY Gerardo (PICCORO)

2015-05-26 11:20 GMT-04:30 Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>:
> Hello dear maintainer(s),
> the Debian LTS team recently reviewed the security issue(s) affecting your
> package in Squeeze:
> https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/CVE-2015-3885
> We decided that we would not prepare a squeeze security update (usually
> because the security impact is low and that we concentrate our limited
> resources on higher severity issues and on the most widely used packages).
> That said the squeeze users would most certainly benefit from a fixed
> package.
> If you want to work on such an update, you're welcome to do so. Please
> try to follow the workflow we have defined here:
> http://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Development
> If that workflow is a burden to you, feel free to just prepare an
> updated source package and send it to debian-lts@lists.debian.org
> (via a debdiff, or with an URL pointing to the the source package,
> or even with a pointer to your packaging repository), and the members
> of the LTS team will take care of the rest. However please make sure to
> submit a tested package.
> Thank you very much.
> Raphaël Hertzog,
>   on behalf of the Debian LTS team.
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