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Re: Any ideas on possibility of wheezy-lts?

Thanks everyone for your insight and opinions.

It sounds like LTS is in good hands and it sounds really positive for
the future.

On re-reading my original post, one thing that I neglected to mention
was what a fantastic job has been done on Squeeze-LTS to date. Not just
on the technical front but also in regards to mustering the support of
both hands on and financial backing.

Great work all round! Roll the applause! :)

My 2c:
My suspicion is that gaining further support may be easier if you do a
bit of a rally call now (rather than waiting until Wheezy EOL). I think
it's worth letting people know that Wheezy-LTS is a realistic
possibility but needs more support (financial and otherwise) to "lock it
in". You may be able to catch the attention of people that are waiting
for the Jessie release to start their "must upgrade within 12mths"

Perhaps doing a bit of an overall "Squeeze-LTS Evaluation" pointing out
highs and lows and possibilities for the future might be of value? You
might be able to get a bit of media attention around it to rasie the
profile and get more backers onboard...?

Regardless, thanks again for the input and great work! :)

Jeremy Davis

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