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Debian LTS talk/BoF/sprint during Debconf?


I'm going to attend Debconf this year and it would be nice if we could
make use of this opportunity to strengthen the LTS team/project.

In particular, it would be nice if we could get face to face with
the stable security team to see how we can get closer in term of workflow
so that wheezy lts keeps using security.debian.org instead of
a supplementary repository that everybody must add. Maybe some ftpmasters
knowledge is needed in that discussion too?

I think I'm going to give a generic LTS talk oriented towards
contributors to explain how we work and the challenges we are facing
and hopefully have some useful feedback/discussion at the end.
Recorded here for now:

Shall we schedule something else during Debconf?

Who will be there? (I'm there for the whole conference, but not for

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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