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Re: restarting services

Hi Isidor,

As Jan noted, there is a nice script available, checkrestart, to check exactly what services need to be restarted. You can use it after any software update. Very useful!
I would not like an automatic restart of services. This would lead to unexpected results.

Like for the libc6 update you mentioned. This update has so many dependencies that a very large number of services will need to be restarted - you don't want that to happen automatically. In fact, in this specific case, I believe the only reliable method to ensure a proper restart of all dependencies is a full system reboot. This is also what Debian recommends.

Good luck,

"Sapere aude!"

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Hi there,

I hope this is the right list to ask about this.

Using Debian-LTS, acquiring a patched libc6 to fix CVE-2015-0235
worked like a charm.

However, I wondered if it wouldn't be appropriate to have the
upgrade restart the services which link to libc6? Otherwise, running
services would still be vulnerable after the upgrade.

Any thoughts?

Best regards,


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