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Re: [debian-lts] unrtf package

Hello Nguyen,

On Thu, 08 Jan 2015, Nguyen Cong wrote:
> It's because of my company proxy, so I'm fixing it now.
> But is it a must for me to use dla-needed.txt to take a package.

Yes, we use that file to avoid duplicating the work. You must add yourself
there before starting to work on the package.

And we use the same repository to record the package versions that fixed
the various CVE. So you will need to have write access to it if you want
to contribute to LTS.

See http://security-team.debian.org/security_tracker.html for details.

Also authenticated SVN access goes over SSH, is SSH really proxied? (or maybe
you meant firewalled?).

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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