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Re: [DEBIAN-LTS] ettercap package

Hi CongNT,

On Tue, 23 Dec 2014, Nguyen Cong wrote:
I have created .deb file for ettercap package.

great, thanks alot.

Since I'm not DD or DM so I attached debdiff file for review
as mentioned in LTS/Development wiki page.
Could anyone please check it and tell me if any comments?

After a first glimpse it seems to be that this package uses quilt, but you directly changed the source files. Please don't change the way of the original maintainer to handle patches.

I also build .deb file for firebird2.1 and firebird2.5, but may
be I will post it in the next mail

Oops, I just uploaded a new version of firebird2.5. Please announce the packages you want to take care of, on IRC or this mailing list.
So only firebird2.1 is left for you :-).


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