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Freexian's fourth report about Debian Long Term Support

[ Courtesy repost of http://raphaelhertzog.com/2014/12/11/freexians-fourth-report-about-debian-long-term-support/ ]

   Like [44]each month, here comes a report about the work of [45]paid
   contributors to [46]Debian LTS.

Individual reports

   In November 42.5 work hours have been equally split among 3 paid
   contributors. Their reports are available:

     * [47]Thorsten Alteholz did his share as usual.

     * [48]Raphaël Hertzog worked 18 hours (catching up the remaining 4
       hours of October).

     * [49]Holger Levsen did his share but did not manage to catch up with
       the backlog of the previous months. As such, those unused work
       hours have been redispatched among other contributors for the month
       of December.

New paid contributors

   Last month we mentioned the possibility to recruit more paid
   contributors to better share the work load and this has already
   happened: Ben Hutchings and Mike Gabriel join the list of paid

   Ben, as a kernel maintainer, will obviously take care of releasing
   Linux security updates. We are glad to have him on board because
   backporting kernel fixes really need some skills that nobody else had
   within the team of paid contributors.

Evolution of the situation

   Compared to last month, the number of paid work hours has almost not
   increased (we are at 45.7 hours per month) but we are in the process of
   adding a few more sponsors: [50]Roche Diagnostics International AG,
   [51]Misal-System, [52]Bitfolk LTD. And we are still in contact with a
   couple of other companies which have announced their willingness to
   contribute but which are waiting the new fiscal year.

   But even with those new sponsors, we still have some way to go to reach
   [53]our minimal goal of funding the equivalent of a half-time position.
   So consider asking your company representative to join this project!

   In terms of security updates waiting to be handled, the situation looks
   better than last month: the dla-needed.txt file lists 27 packages
   awaiting an update (6 less than last month), the list of [54]open
   vulnerabilities in Squeeze shows about 58 affected packages in total.
   Like last month, we’re a bit behind in terms of CVE triaging and there
   are still many packages using SSLv3 where we have no clear plan (in
   response to the POODLE issues).

   The good side is that even though the kernel update required a large chunk
   of time of Holger and Raphaël, we still managed to further reduce the
   backlog of security issues.

Thanks to our sponsors

     * Gold sponsors:

     * [55]The Positive Internet

     Silver sponsors:
     * [56]AD&D – David Ayers – IntarS Austria
     * [57]Blablacar
     * [58]Domeneshop AS
     * [59]Evolix
     * [60]Trollweb Solutions
     * [61]Université Lille 3

     Bronze sponsors:
     * [62]Daevel SARL
     * [63]FOSSter
     * [64]Freeside Internet Service
     * [65]Intevation GmbH
     * [66]Linuxhotel GmbH
     * [67]MyTux
     * [68]Nantes Métropole
     * [69]Offensive Security
     * [70]Seznam.cz, a.s.

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Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

Support Debian LTS: http://www.freexian.com/services/debian-lts.html
Learn to master Debian: http://debian-handbook.info/get/

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