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Re: tomcat6 wheezy DSA (was/and Re: tomcat6_6.0.41-2+squeeze5_amd64.changes REJECTED


security-team, please comment...

On Sonntag, 23. November 2014, tony mancill wrote:
> Synopsis:  Updating tomcat6 for squeeze-lts put us in the awkward
> position of having a newer tomcat in old-stable than in stable; Holger
> is helping to get this resolved.  I am recommending that tomcat-native
> 1.1.31 accompany any updates to tomcat6 6.0.41.

I'm happy to prepare the tomcat-native uploads tomorrow, as well as tomcat6 
for wheezy. What version number should I use for wheezy?




or something else?

oh, "btw": jessie has -2, sid -3, with changes unsuitable for wheezy and 
targeted at jessie. this needs an unblock request to let -3 migrate to jessie 
and have the binaries removed from sid first... anybody doing this?


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