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tomcat6 wheezy DSA (was/and Re: tomcat6_6.0.41-2+squeeze5_amd64.changes REJECTED


On Sonntag, 23. November 2014, Debian FTP Masters wrote:
> Version check failed:
> Your upload included the source package tomcat6, version 6.0.41-2+squeeze5,
> however stable already has version 6.0.35-6+deb7u1.
> Uploads to squeeze-lts must have a lower version than present in stable.

so this is due to the changes to dak implemented by Mark Hymers during the 
MiniDebConf in Cambridge early November. (Mark can you please explain what 
other changes (relevant to LTS) you did?!

Sadly I already send the DLA for the tomcat6 squeeze update and will go out 
for brunch with a fellow DD now, so I cannot work on this in the next few 
hours, but later today I could prepare an upload containing the same changes 
for wheezy.

May/should I?

If so, what's the procedure? Build with the proper changelog in the proper 
env, test and upload and write the DSA and send the signed mail to the DSA-
list or will someone of the security team need to sign the upload+mail?

Or should we do something else?


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