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Freexian's third report about Debian Long Term Support

[ Courtesy repost of http://raphaelhertzog.com/2014/11/12/freexians-third-report-about-debian-long-term-support/ ]

   Like [44]last month, here comes a report about the work of [45]paid
   contributors to [46]Debian LTS.

Individual reports

   In October 2014, we affected 13.75h works hours to 3 contributors:

     * [47]Thorsten Alteholz

     * [48]Raphaël Hertzog worked only 10 hours. The remaining hours will
       be done over November.

     * Holger Levsen did nothing (for unexpected personal reasons), he
       will catch up in November.

   Obviously, only the hours done have been paid. Should the backlog grow
   further, we will [49]seek for more paid contributors (to share the
   workload) and to make it easier to redispatch work hours once a
   contributor knows that he won't be able to handle the hours that were
   affected to him/her.

Evolution of the situation

   Compared to last month, we gained two new sponsors ([50]Daevel and
   [51]FOSSter, thanks to them!) and we have now 45.5 hours of paid LTS
   work to "spend" each month. That's great but we are still far from
   [52]our minimal goal of funding the equivalent of a half-time position.

   In terms of security updates waiting to be handled, the situation is a
   bit worse than last month: while the dla-needed.txt file only lists 33
   packages awaiting an update (6 less than last month), the list of
   [53]open vulnerabilities in Squeeze shows about 60 affected packages in
   total. This differences has two explanations: CVE triaging for squeeze
   has not been done in the last days, and the POODLE issue(s) with SSLv3
   affects a very large number of packages where it's not always clear
   what the proper action is.

   In any case, it's never too late to join the growing list of sponsors
   and help us do a better job, please check with your company managers.
   If not possible for this year, consider including it in the budget for
   next year.

Thanks to our sponsors

   Let me thank our main sponsors:

     Gold sponsors:
     * [54]The Positive Internet

     Silver sponsors:
     * [55]AD&D - David Ayers - IntarS Austria
     * [56]Blablacar
     * [57]Domeneshop AS
     * [58]Evolix
     * [59]Trollweb Solutions
     * [60]Université Lille 3

     Bronze sponsors:
     * [61]Daevel SARL
     * [62]FOSSter
     * [63]Freeside Internet Service
     * [64]Intevation GmbH
     * [65]Linuxhotel GmbH
     * [66]MyTux
     * [67]Nantes Métropole
     * [68]Offensive Security
     * [69]Seznam.cz, a.s.

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Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

Support Debian LTS: http://www.freexian.com/services/debian-lts.html
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