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python2.6 update


as Raphel Geissert who did the python2.6 update is not on irc, some quotes 
from #debian-lts:

[16:40] < Pepper>  Hi! Is there a regression in python2.6?
[16:40] < Pepper>  I'm getting  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/random.py", line 47, 
in <module>
[16:40] < Pepper>  from os import urandom as _urandom
[16:40] < Pepper>  ImportError: cannot import name urandom
[16:40] < Pepper> Happens on lts version: python2.6_2.6.6-8+deb6u1
[16:43] <      h01ger> | Pepper: hi. i've no idea about your specific problem 
but i forwarded it to the person who did the update and told him 
          to join here
[16:44] <     Pepper> | h01ger: thx.
[16:46] <      h01ger> | Pepper: if nothing happens in 30-60m i suggest to 
mail debian-lts@lists.debian.org about that problem
[16:46] <      h01ger> | (that list is publically archived)
[16:46] < Pepper> is reporting a bug about a lts package ok too?
[16:48] <      h01ger> | sure
[16:48] < Pepper> will do some tests an report a bug if it doesn't clear 
things up... thx for help
[22:47] < weasel> 20:09:35> so
[22:47] < weasel> 20:09:39> the python update really broke stuff
[22:47] < weasel> 20:09:44> snapshot-sibelius for instance

Raphael told me about Peppers problem privatly that he couldnt reproduce it, 
so hints how to reproduce the problem(s) are welcome!


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