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Freexian-like contribution page in dollars?


Regarding Freexian's contribution page at 

Is there any interest in a similar service, but from a US-based company, 
priced in dollars?

I know that speaking with my company hat on, it would certainly be a lot 
easier to e.g. commit to a recurring contract at a fixed rate in dollars 
to a US company where I can pay by credit card or check.  I also see 
that all of the existing listed sponsors are from Europe (yes, except 

I would cover the misc overhead (website, invoicing, card/paypal fees 
etc.) unless they got too much for me to afford (i.e. tons more than 
we're looking to seek this cycle for sure).

I would pass the full amount contributed on to folks working on LTS 
fixes (excluding myself), Freexian, or (as a fallback if we ever wound up 
with too much) to the Debian project itself.

The idea would not be to compete with Freexian, but to offer an 
alternative path that made it easier for folks in US-based companies to 

Let me know what you think.

Ivan Kohler
President and Head Geek, Freeside Internet Services, Inc.  http://freeside.biz/
Debian GNU/Linux developer  |  CPAN author  |  cat person  |  ski addict

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