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Volunteered contributions to Debian LTS

Hiho :)

This belongs in a separate discussion thread, IMHO: there are several of us who have mentioned that we'd like to contribute as volunteers, and perhaps presenting what we can and want to do, how we can do it and how much we can do it, would be helpful to others.

So here I go:

I will have tuits after around July 20th, probably for a couple of hours a week, maybe more after a while.

At first, I will probably need a bit of guidance in where to place my efforts.

I can help with documentation.

I can probably help with building patched packages and testing them on some systems, but I'm _not_ a Debian developer, and will therefore have a certain "cost" in terms of startup time before I get there.

Therefore, I am also a pretty good idiot to test things that seem obvious to Debian developers, but which perhaps aren't obvious to others. At least until I finally Get It. :)

Also, I enjoy being a sounding board and sparring.

Anyway, that's where I am.


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