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Re: fail2ban (0.8.4-3+squeeze2)

2014-06-02 23:49 GMT+02:00 Moritz Mühlenhoff <jmm@inutil.org>:
> You're right, the security tracker data is incomplete here. Do you want
> to update the data yourself?
> If so, please create an Alioth handle and tell us the username (it should
> end in -guest if you're not a DD). Then make an SVN checkout and edit
> the squeeze entry for CVE-2009-5023 in data/CVE/list (the format is explained
> in greater detail in https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/data/report
> Cheers,
>         Moritz

ok done.

Thank you Moritz!


Matteo Filippetto

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