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Workflow for Debian LTS / First update released

now that the official security support for Squeeze has ended, Squeeze LTS
can go live!

I've just released the first update (for gnutls26) and it seems to have worked
fine. Now everyone else should pick up some work :-)

As discussed earlier we'll use the same workflow to coordinate work as used
in the Debian Security Team: A simple text file. I've commited a first
version to the Security Tracker SVN:

Everyone who wants to participate should request write access to that
repo, as documented here: 

The file also contains some initial documentation on how to update the file.
I'm possibly missing something, so please speak out.

As for the release of a security update I would suggest we follow an optional
review mechanism: Anyone who feels confident that an update for squeeze-lts
is okay (e.g. if you're involved in security work for some time) can release
rightaway, otherwise post the debdiff to this list and ask others to review it.


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