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Debian contributors looking for paid work on Squeeze LTS


as a follow up to my former mail[1], I'd like to know who is interested to
be paid to contribute to Squeeze LTS. I am myself in this position and I
believe that we should coordinate ourselves to have a clear offer to
all the companies who are looking to financially support Squeeze LTS.

Details are probably best discussed privately but I would like something
simple and transparent for the customers. They see only one company (from
the accounting point of view), one hourly rate, and have some regular
feedback of the work done with their money.

We already have a 7-8 offers of financial help on this list, I'm sure we
all have a few customers who could be interested as well, and I have some
contacts with a hosting provider who would be glad to relay such a call
for LTS support to all their Debian-using customers. So there's room to
find more companies to contribute towards LTS support.

Please get in touch with me if you're interested to join this project!

Requirements are:
- to be able to emit an invoice
- to have prior experince with Debian security support (it can be
  providing security updates for your own packages)

Moritz (and other security team members), do you have any idea of how many
man-days per month of available workforce would be ideal to do a proper
job of maintaining squeeze-lts ?


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-lts/2014/05/msg00062.html
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