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Accepted linux-4.9 4.9.210-1~deb8u1 (all source) into oldoldstable

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 02:42:48 +0000
Binary: linux-doc-4.9 linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common-rt linux-manual-4.9 linux-source-4.9 linux-support-4.9.0-0.bpo.12
Source: linux-4.9
Architecture: all source
Version: 4.9.210-1~deb8u1
Distribution: jessie-security
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Kernel Team <debian-kernel@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk>
Closes: 869511 945023
 linux-doc-4.9 - Linux kernel specific documentation for version 4.9
 linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common - Common header files for Linux 4.9.0-0.bpo.12
 linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common-rt - Common header files for Linux 4.9.0-0.bpo.12-rt
 linux-manual-4.9 - Linux kernel API manual pages for version 4.9
 linux-source-4.9 - Linux kernel source for version 4.9 with Debian patches
 linux-support-4.9.0-0.bpo.12 - Support files for Linux 4.9
 linux-4.9 (4.9.210-1~deb8u1) jessie-security; urgency=medium
   * Backport to jessie:
     - Change ABI number to 0.bpo.12
 linux (4.9.210-1) stretch; urgency=medium
   * New upstream stable update:
     - usb: usbfs: fix double-free of usb memory upon submiturb error
     - usb: iowarrior: fix deadlock on disconnect
     - sound: fix a memory leak bug
     - [x86] mm: Check for pfn instead of page in vmalloc_sync_one()
     - [x86] mm: Sync also unmappings in vmalloc_sync_all()
     - mm/vmalloc: Sync unmappings in __purge_vmap_area_lazy()
     - perf record: Fix wrong size in perf_record_mmap for last kernel module
     - perf db-export: Fix thread__exec_comm()
     - [s390x] perf record: Fix module size on s390
     - usb: yurex: Fix use-after-free in yurex_delete (CVE-2019-19531)
     - can: peak_usb: fix potential double kfree_skb()
     - netfilter: nfnetlink: avoid deadlock due to synchronous request_module
     - mac80211: don't warn about CW params when not using them
     - hwmon: (nct6775) Fix register address and added missed tolerance for
     - [s390x] qdio: add sanity checks to the fast-requeue path
     - ALSA: compress: Fix regression on compressed capture streams
     - ALSA: compress: Prevent bypasses of set_params
     - ALSA: compress: Don't allow paritial drain operations on capture streams
     - ALSA: compress: Be more restrictive about when a drain is allowed
     - perf probe: Avoid calling freeing routine multiple times for same pointer
     - drbd: dynamically allocate shash descriptor
     - ACPI/IORT: Fix off-by-one check in iort_dev_find_its_id()
     - scsi: megaraid_sas: fix panic on loading firmware crashdump
     - [ppc64el] scsi: ibmvfc: fix WARN_ON during event pool release
     - scsi: scsi_dh_alua: always use a 2 second delay before retrying RTPG
     - tty/ldsem, locking/rwsem: Add missing ACQUIRE to read_failed sleep loop
     - perf/core: Fix creating kernel counters for PMUs that override event->cpu
     - can: peak_usb: pcan_usb_pro: Fix info-leaks to USB devices
     - can: peak_usb: pcan_usb_fd: Fix info-leaks to USB devices
     - ALSA: firewire: fix a memory leak bug
     - ALSA: hda - Don't override global PCM hw info flag
     - mac80211: don't WARN on short WMM parameters from AP
     - SMB3: Fix deadlock in validate negotiate hits reconnect
     - smb3: send CAP_DFS capability during session setup
     - mwifiex: fix 802.11n/WPA detection
     - iwlwifi: don't unmap as page memory that was mapped as single
     - scsi: mpt3sas: Use 63-bit DMA addressing on SAS35 HBA
     - mm/usercopy: use memory range to be accessed for wraparound check
     - mm/memcontrol.c: fix use after free in mem_cgroup_iter()
     - bpf: get rid of pure_initcall dependency to enable jits
     - bpf: restrict access to core bpf sysctls
     - bpf: add bpf_jit_limit knob to restrict unpriv allocations
     - ALSA: hda - Fix a memory leak bug
     - ALSA: hda - Add a generic reboot_notify
     - ALSA: hda - Let all conexant codec enter D3 when rebooting
     - HID: holtek: test for sanity of intfdata
     - HID: hiddev: avoid opening a disconnected device (CVE-2019-19527)
     - HID: hiddev: do cleanup in failure of opening a device (CVE-2019-19527)
     - Input: kbtab - sanity check for endpoint type
     - Input: iforce - add sanity checks
     - net: usb: pegasus: fix improper read if get_registers() fail
     - xen/pciback: remove set but not used variable 'old_state'
     - perf header: Fix divide by zero error if f_header.attr_size==0
     - perf header: Fix use of unitialized value warning
     - libata: zpodd: Fix small read overflow in zpodd_get_mech_type()
     - scsi: hpsa: correct scsi command status issue after reset
     - ata: libahci: do not complain in case of deferred probe
     - [arm64] efi: fix variable 'si' set but not used
     - [arm64] mm: fix variable 'pud' set but not used
     - IB/core: Add mitigation for Spectre V1
     - IB/mad: Fix use-after-free in ib mad completion handling
     - ocfs2: remove set but not used variable 'last_hash'
     - [x86] staging: comedi: dt3000: Fix signed integer overflow 'divider *
     - [x86] staging: comedi: dt3000: Fix rounding up of timer divisor
     - USB: core: Fix races in character device registration and deregistraion
     - usb: cdc-acm: make sure a refcount is taken early enough (CVE-2019-19530)
     - USB: CDC: fix sanity checks in CDC union parser
     - asm-generic: fix -Wtype-limits compiler warnings
     - bpf: fix bpf_jit_limit knob for PAGE_SIZE >= 64K
     - [arm64] compat: Allow single-byte watchpoints on all addresses
     - Input: psmouse - fix build error of multiple definition
     - [x86] iommu/amd: Move iommu_init_pci() to .init section
     - bnx2x: Fix VF's VLAN reconfiguration in reload.
     - net/packet: fix race in tpacket_snd()
     - sctp: fix the transport error_count check
     - xen/netback: Reset nr_frags before freeing skb
     - net/mlx5e: Only support tx/rx pause setting for port owner
     - net/mlx5e: Use flow keys dissector to parse packets for ARFS
     - team: Add vlan tx offload to hw_enc_features
     - bonding: Add vlan tx offload to hw_enc_features
     - [mips*] kernel: only use i8253 clocksource with periodic clockevent
     - netfilter: ebtables: fix a memory leak bug in compat
     - ASoC: dapm: Fix handling of custom_stop_condition on DAPM graph walks
     - bonding: Force slave speed check after link state recovery for 802.3ad
     - can: dev: call netif_carrier_off() in register_candev()
     - [armhf] ASoC: ti: davinci-mcasp: Correct slot_width posed constraint
     - isdn: mISDN: hfcsusb: Fix possible null-pointer dereferences in
     - isdn: hfcsusb: Fix mISDN driver crash caused by transfer buffer on the
     - perf bench numa: Fix cpu0 binding
     - can: sja1000: force the string buffer NULL-terminated
     - can: peak_usb: force the string buffer NULL-terminated
     - NFSv4: Fix a potential sleep while atomic in nfs4_do_reclaim()
     - HID: input: fix a4tech horizontal wheel custom usage
     - net: cxgb3_main: Fix a resource leak in a error path in 'init_one()'
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: make hip04_tx_reclaim non-reentrant
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: fix hip04-xmit never return TX_BUSY
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: Fix dma_map_single failed on arm64
     - libata: add SG safety checks in SFF pio transfers
     - [x86] drm/vmwgfx: fix memory leak when too many retries have occurred
     - perf pmu-events: Fix missing "cpu_clk_unhalted.core" event
     - HID: wacom: correct misreported EKR ring values
     - HID: wacom: Correct distance scale for 2nd-gen Intuos devices
     - Revert "dm bufio: fix deadlock with loop device"
     - gpiolib: never report open-drain/source lines as 'input' to user-space
     - userfaultfd_release: always remove uffd flags and clear vm_userfaultfd_ctx
     - [i386] retpoline: Don't clobber RFLAGS during CALL_NOSPEC on i386
     - [x86] apic: Handle missing global clockevent gracefully
     - [x86] boot: Save fields explicitly, zero out everything else
     - [x86] boot: Fix boot regression caused by bootparam sanitizing
     - dm btree: fix order of block initialization in btree_split_beneath
     - dm space map metadata: fix missing store of apply_bops() return value
     - dm table: fix invalid memory accesses with too high sector number
     - genirq: Properly pair kobject_del() with kobject_add()
     - mm, page_owner: handle THP splits correctly
     - mm/zsmalloc.c: migration can leave pages in ZS_EMPTY indefinitely
     - [x86] CPU/AMD: Clear RDRAND CPUID bit on AMD family 15h/16h
     - dmaengine: ste_dma40: fix unneeded variable warning
     - iommu/dma: Handle SG length overflow better
     - usb: gadget: composite: Clear "suspended" on reset/disconnect
     - xen/blkback: fix memory leaks
     - [x86] tools: hv: fix KVP and VSS daemons exit code
     - [armhf,arm64] watchdog: bcm2835_wdt: Fix module autoload
     - scsi: ufs: Fix RX_TERMINATION_FORCE_ENABLE define value
     - tcp: make sure EPOLLOUT wont be missed
     - ALSA: line6: Fix memory leak at line6_init_pcm() error path
     - ALSA: seq: Fix potential concurrent access to the deleted pool
     - [x86] KVM: Don't update RIP or do single-step on faulting emulation
     - [x86] apic: Do not initialize LDR and DFR for bigsmp
     - mm/zsmalloc.c: fix race condition in zs_destroy_pool
     - usb-storage: Add new JMS567 revision to unusual_devs
     - USB: cdc-wdm: fix race between write and disconnect due to flag abuse
     - [armhf,arm64] usb: chipidea: udc: don't do hardware access if gadget has
     - usb: host: ohci: fix a race condition between shutdown and irq
     - usb: host: xhci: rcar: Fix typo in compatible string matching
     - USB: storage: ums-realtek: Update module parameter description for
     - USB: storage: ums-realtek: Whitelist auto-delink support
     - [x86] uprobes: Fix detection of 32-bit user mode
     - mmc: core: Fix init of SD cards reporting an invalid VDD range
     - [x86] VMCI: Release resource if the work is already queued
     - Revert "cfg80211: fix processing world regdomain when non modular"
     - mac80211: fix possible sta leak
     - [armhf,arm64] KVM: vgic: Fix potential deadlock when ap_list is long
     - [armhf,arm64] KVM: vgic-v2: Handle SGI bits in GICD_I{S,C}PENDR0 as WI
     - [x86] i2c: piix4: Fix port selection for AMD Family 16h Model 30h
     - mm/zsmalloc.c: fix build when CONFIG_COMPACTION=n
     - Bluetooth: btqca: Add a short delay before downloading the NVM
     - [ppc64el] ibmveth: Convert multicast list size for little-endian system
     - gpio: Fix build error of function redefinition
     - cxgb4: fix a memory leak bug
     - net: myri10ge: fix memory leaks
     - cx82310_eth: fix a memory leak bug
     - net: kalmia: fix memory leaks
     - wimax/i2400m: fix a memory leak bug
     - IB/mlx4: Fix memory leaks
     - ceph: fix buffer free while holding i_ceph_lock in __ceph_setxattr()
     - ceph: fix buffer free while holding i_ceph_lock in fill_inode()
     - [armhf,arm64] KVM: Only skip MMIO insn once
     - libceph: allow ceph_buffer_put() to receive a NULL ceph_buffer
     - [armhf,arm64] spi: bcm2835aux: ensure interrupts are enabled for shared
     - [armhf,arm64] spi: bcm2835aux: unifying code between polling and
       interrupt driven code
     - [armhf,arm64] spi: bcm2835aux: remove dangerous uncontrolled read of fifo
     - [armhf,arm64] spi: bcm2835aux: fix corruptions for longer spi transfers
     - net: fix skb use after free in netpoll
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: dwmac-rk: Don't fail if phy regulator is
     - tcp: inherit timestamp on mtu probe
     - mld: fix memory leak in mld_del_delrec()
     - ALSA: hda - Fix potential endless loop at applying quirks
     - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix overridden device-specific initialization
     - sched/fair: Don't assign runtime for throttled cfs_rq
     - [x86] drm/vmwgfx: Fix double free in vmw_recv_msg()
     - [ppc64el] tm: Fix FP/VMX unavailable exceptions inside a transaction
     - xfrm: clean up xfrm protocol checks
     - ip6: fix skb leak in ip6frag_expire_frag_queue()
     - batman-adv: fix uninit-value in batadv_netlink_get_ifindex()
     - batman-adv: Only read OGM tvlv_len after buffer len check
     - [armhf] clk: s2mps11: Add used attribute to s2mps11_dt_match
     - bridge/mdb: remove wrong use of NLM_F_MULTI
     - cdc_ether: fix rndis support for Mediatek based smartphones
     - ipv6: Fix the link time qualifier of 'ping_v6_proc_exit_net()'
     - isdn/capi: check message length in capi_write()
     - net: Fix null de-reference of device refcount
     - net: gso: Fix skb_segment splat when splitting gso_size mangled skb
       having linear-headed frag_list
     - sch_hhf: ensure quantum and hhf_non_hh_weight are non-zero
     - sctp: Fix the link time qualifier of 'sctp_ctrlsock_exit()'
     - sctp: use transport pf_retrans in sctp_do_8_2_transport_strike
     - tcp: fix tcp_ecn_withdraw_cwr() to clear TCP_ECN_QUEUE_CWR
     - tipc: add NULL pointer check before calling kfree_rcu
     - tun: fix use-after-free when register netdev failed
     - gpio: fix line flag validation in linehandle_create
     - gpio: fix line flag validation in lineevent_create
     - Btrfs: fix assertion failure during fsync and use of stale transaction
     - genirq: Prevent NULL pointer dereference in resend_irqs()
     - [s390x] KVM: Do not leak kernel stack data in the KVM_S390_INTERRUPT
     - [x86] KVM: work around leak of uninitialized stack contents
     - [x86] KVM: nVMX: handle page fault in vmread
     - [mips*] VDSO: Prevent use of smp_processor_id()
     - [mips*] VDSO: Use same -m%-float cflag as the kernel proper
     - [armhf] clk: rockchip: Don't yell about bad mmc phases when getting
     - driver core: Fix use-after-free and double free on glue directory
     - nvmem: Use the same permissions for eeprom as for nvmem
     - USB: usbcore: Fix slab-out-of-bounds bug during device reset
     - media: tm6000: double free if usb disconnect while streaming
     - [ppc64el] mm/radix: Use the right page size for vmemmap mapping
     - [x86] boot: Add missing bootparam that breaks boot on some platforms
     - xen-netfront: do not assume sk_buff_head list is empty in error handling
     - tty/serial: atmel: reschedule TX after RX was started
     - mwifiex: Fix three heap overflow at parsing element in
       cfg80211_ap_settings (CVE-2019-14814, CVE-2019-14815, CVE-2019-14816)
     - [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix missing SYSC_HAS_RESET_STATUS for dra7 epwmss
     - [s390x] bpf: fix lcgr instruction encoding
     - [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix omap4 errata warning on other SoCs
     - [s390x] bpf: use 32-bit index for tail calls
     - NFSv4: Fix return values for nfs4_file_open()
     - NFS: Fix initialisation of I/O result struct in nfs_pgio_rpcsetup
     - qed: Add cleanup in qed_slowpath_start()
     - [armel,armhf] 8874/1: mm: only adjust sections of valid mm structures
     - batman-adv: Only read OGM2 tvlv_len after buffer len check
     - r8152: Set memory to all 0xFFs on failed reg reads
     - [x86] apic: Fix arch_dynirq_lower_bound() bug for DT enabled machines
     - netfilter: nf_conntrack_ftp: Fix debug output
     - NFSv2: Fix eof handling
     - NFSv2: Fix write regression
     - cifs: set domainName when a domain-key is used in multiuser
     - cifs: Use kzfree() to zero out the password
     - [armel,armhf] 8901/1: add a criteria for pfn_valid of arm
     - [x86] sky2: Disable MSI on yet another ASUS boards (P6Xxxx)
     - [x86] perf/intel: Restrict period on Nehalem
     - [x86] perf/amd/ibs: Fix sample bias for dispatched micro-ops
     - [x86] tools/power turbostat: fix buffer overrun
     - [armhf] dmaengine: ti: dma-crossbar: Fix a memory leak bug
     - [armhf] dmaengine: ti: omap-dma: Add cleanup in omap_dma_probe()
     - [x86] uaccess: Don't leak the AC flags into __get_user() argument
     - keys: Fix missing null pointer check in request_key_auth_describe()
     - [x86] iommu/amd: Fix race in increase_address_space()
     - floppy: fix usercopy direction
     - media: technisat-usb2: break out of loop at end of buffer
     - net_sched: let qdisc_put() accept NULL pointer
     - Revert "Bluetooth: validate BLE connection interval updates"
     - IB/core: Add an unbound WQ type to the new CQ API
     - HID: prodikeys: Fix general protection fault during probe
     - HID: logitech: Fix general protection fault caused by Logitech driver
     - HID: hidraw: Fix invalid read in hidraw_ioctl
     - mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Use chip_good() to retry in do_write_oneword()
     - media: tvp5150: fix switch exit in set control handler
     - [armhf] ASoC: fsl: Fix of-node refcount unbalance in
     - [x86] ALSA: hda - Add laptop imic fixup for ASUS M9V laptop
     - mac80211: Print text for disassociation reason
     - mac80211: handle deauthentication/disassociation from TDLS peer
     - power: supply: sysfs: ratelimit property read error message
     - [armhf,arm64] irqchip/gic-v3-its: Fix LPI release for Multi-MSI devices
     - f2fs: check all the data segments against all node ones
     - Revert "f2fs: avoid out-of-range memory access"
     - f2fs: fix to do sanity check on segment bitmap of LFS curseg
     - drm: Flush output polling on shutdown
     - xfs: don't crash on null attr fork xfs_bmapi_read
     - arcnet: provide a buffer big enough to actually receive packets
     - cdc_ncm: fix divide-by-zero caused by invalid wMaxPacketSize
     - macsec: drop skb sk before calling gro_cells_receive
     - net/phy: fix DP83865 10 Mbps HDX loopback disable function
     - openvswitch: change type of UPCALL_PID attribute to NLA_UNSPEC
     - ppp: Fix memory leak in ppp_write
     - sch_netem: fix a divide by zero in tabledist()
     - skge: fix checksum byte order
     - usbnet: ignore endpoints with invalid wMaxPacketSize
     - usbnet: sanity checking of packet sizes and device mtu
     - mISDN: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets (CVE-2019-17055)
     - appletalk: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets (CVE-2019-17054)
     - ax25: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets (CVE-2019-17052)
     - ieee802154: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets (CVE-2019-17053)
     - nfc: enforce CAP_NET_RAW for raw sockets (CVE-2019-17056)
     - [armhf] ASoC: sgtl5000: Fix charge pump source assignment
     - [armhf,arm64] dmaengine: bcm2835: Print error in case setting DMA mask
     - media: dib0700: fix link error for dibx000_i2c_set_speed
     - media: hdpvr: Add device num check and handling
     - sched/fair: Fix imbalance due to CPU affinity
     - sched/core: Fix CPU controller for !RT_GROUP_SCHED
     - [x86] reboot: Always use NMI fallback when shutdown via reboot vector IPI
     - [x86] apic: Soft disable APIC before initializing it
     - ALSA: hda - Show the fatal CORB/RIRB error more clearly
     - ALSA: i2c: ak4xxx-adda: Fix a possible null pointer dereference in
     - media: iguanair: add sanity checks
     - ALSA: usb-audio: Skip bSynchAddress endpoint check if it is invalid
     - md: don't call spare_active in md_reap_sync_thread if all member devices
       can't work
     - md: don't set In_sync if array is frozen
     - efi: cper: print AER info of PCIe fatal error
     - media: gspca: zero usb_buf on error
     - [armhf] media: omap3isp: Don't set streaming state on random subdevs
     - media: radio/si470x: kill urb on error
     - media: hdpvr: add terminating 0 at end of string
     - media: dvb-core: fix a memory leak bug
     - PM / devfreq: passive: Use non-devm notifiers
     - PM / devfreq: exynos-bus: Correct clock enable sequence
     - media: saa7146: add cleanup in hexium_attach()
     - media: cpia2_usb: fix memory leaks
     - media: saa7134: fix terminology around saa7134_i2c_eeprom_md7134_gate()
     - ACPI / CPPC: do not require the _PSD method
     - [arm64] kpti: ensure patched kernel text is fetched from PoU
     - nvmet: fix data units read and written counters in SMART log
     - [x86] iommu/amd: Silence warnings under memory pressure
     - libtraceevent: Change users plugin directory
     - [armhf] dts: exynos: Mark LDO10 as always-on on Peach Pit/Pi Chromebooks
     - ACPI: custom_method: fix memory leaks
     - ACPI / PCI: fix acpi_pci_irq_enable() memory leak
     - hwmon: (acpi_power_meter) Change log level for 'unsafe software power
     - md/raid1: fail run raid1 array when active disk less than one
     - [armhf] dmaengine: ti: edma: Do not reset reserved paRAM slots
     - kprobes: Prohibit probing on BUG() and WARN() address
     - [s390x] crypto: xts-aes-s390 fix extra run-time crypto self tests finding
     - ASoC: dmaengine: Make the pcm->name equal to pcm->id if the name is not
     - libertas: Add missing sentinel at end of if_usb.c fw_table
     - e1000e: add workaround for possible stalled packet
     - drm/amd/powerplay/smu7: enforce minimal VBITimeout (v2)
     - media: ttusb-dec: Fix info-leak in ttusb_dec_send_command()
     - [x86] ALSA: hda/realtek - Blacklist PC beep for Lenovo ThinkCentre M73/93
     - btrfs: extent-tree: Make sure we only allocate extents from block groups
       with the same type
     - [armhf] media: omap3isp: Set device on omap3isp subdevs
     - PM / devfreq: passive: fix compiler warning
     - ALSA: firewire-tascam: handle error code when getting current source of
     - ALSA: firewire-tascam: check intermediate state of clock status and retry
     - IB/hfi1: Define variables as unsigned long to fix KASAN warning
     - printk: remove games with previous record flags
     - printk: Do not lose last line in kmsg buffer dump
     - fuse: fix missing unlock_page in fuse_writepage()
     - [x86] KVM: always stop emulation on page fault
     - [x86] KVM: set ctxt->have_exception in x86_decode_insn()
     - [x86] KVM: Manually calculate reserved bits when loading PDPTRS
     - [x86] media: sn9c20x: Add MSI MS-1039 laptop to flip_dmi_table
     - [x86] ASoC: Intel: NHLT: Fix debug print format
     - [x86] ASoC: Intel: Fix use of potentially uninitialized variable
     - alarmtimer: Use EOPNOTSUPP instead of ENOTSUPP
     - memcg, kmem: do not fail __GFP_NOFAIL charges
     - ovl: filter of trusted xattr results in audit
     - Btrfs: fix use-after-free when using the tree modification log
     - btrfs: Relinquish CPUs in btrfs_compare_trees
     - md/raid6: Set R5_ReadError when there is read failure on parity disk
     - cfg80211: Purge frame registrations on iftype change
     - /dev/mem: Bail out upon SIGKILL.
     - ext4: fix warning inside ext4_convert_unwritten_extents_endio
     - ext4: fix punch hole for inline_data file systems
     - quota: fix wrong condition in is_quota_modification()
     - hwrng: core - don't wait on add_early_randomness()
     - CIFS: fix max ea value size
     - CIFS: Fix oplock handling for SMB 2.1+ protocols
     - btrfs: qgroup: Drop quota_root and fs_info parameters from
     - Btrfs: fix race setting up and completing qgroup rescan workers
     - gpu: drm: radeon: Fix a possible null-pointer dereference in
     - ipmi_si: Only schedule continuously in the thread in maintenance mode
     - [ppc64el] rtas: use device model APIs and serialization during LPM
     - [ppc64el] futex: Fix warning: 'oldval' may be used uninitialized in this
     - [ppc64el] pseries/mobility: use cond_resched when updating device tree
     - [armhf,arm64] pinctrl: tegra: Fix write barrier placement in pmx_writel
     - vfio_pci: Restore original state on release
     - drm/amdgpu/si: fix ASIC tests
     - [ppc64el] exception: machine check use correct cfar for late handler
     - [ppc64el] pseries: correctly track irq state in default idle
     - [arm64] fix unreachable code issue with cmpxchg
     - scsi: core: Reduce memory required for SCSI logging
     - [mips*] tlbex: Explicitly cast _PAGE_NO_EXEC to a boolean
     - [x86] mfd: intel-lpss: Remove D3cold delay
     - [armhf] PCI: tegra: Fix OF node reference leak
     - [armel,armhf] 8898/1: mm: Don't treat faults reported from cache
       maintenance as writes
     - HID: apple: Fix stuck function keys when using FN
     - [armel,armhf] 8903/1: ensure that usable memory in bank 0 starts from a
       PMD-aligned address
     - fat: work around race with userspace's read via blockdev while mounting
     - [s390x] hypfs: Fix error number left in struct pointer member
     - ocfs2: wait for recovering done after direct unlock request
     - ANDROID: binder: remove waitqueue when thread exits. (CVE-2019-2215)
     - cxgb4:Fix out-of-bounds MSI-X info array access
     - hso: fix NULL-deref on tty open
     - ipv6: drop incoming packets having a v4mapped source address
     - net: ipv4: avoid mixed n_redirects and rate_tokens usage
     - net: qlogic: Fix memory leak in ql_alloc_large_buffers
     - net: Unpublish sk from sk_reuseport_cb before call_rcu
     - nfc: fix memory leak in llcp_sock_bind()
     - sch_dsmark: fix potential NULL deref in dsmark_init()
     - net/rds: Fix error handling in rds_ib_add_one()
     - xen-netfront: do not use ~0U as error return value for
     - sch_cbq: validate TCA_CBQ_WRROPT to avoid crash
     - ipv6: Handle missing host route in __ipv6_ifa_notify
     - NFC: fix attrs checks in netlink interface
     - [s390x] KVM: Test for bad access register and size at the start of
     - [s390x] topology: avoid firing events before kobjs are created
     - [s390x] cio: avoid calling strlen on null pointer
     - [s390x] cio: exclude subchannels with no parent from pseudo check
     - [x86] KVM: nVMX: handle page fault in vmread fix
     - ASoC: Define a set of DAPM pre/post-up events
     - [ppc64el] powernv: Restrict OPAL symbol map to only be readable by root
     - [x86] crypto: qat - Silence smp_processor_id() warning
     - usercopy: Avoid HIGHMEM pfn warning
     - timer: Read jiffies once when forwarding base clk
     - [armhf] watchdog: imx2_wdt: fix min() calculation in imx2_wdt_set_timeout
     - ieee802154: atusb: fix use-after-free at disconnect (CVE-2019-19525)
     - cfg80211: initialize on-stack chandefs
     - ima: always return negative code for error
     - fs: nfs: Fix possible null-pointer dereferences in encode_attrs()
     - 9p: avoid attaching writeback_fid on mmap with type PRIVATE
     - xen/pci: reserve MCFG areas earlier
     - ceph: fix directories inode i_blkbits initialization
     - ceph: reconnect connection if session hang in opening state
     - drm/amdgpu: Check for valid number of registers to read
     - thermal: Fix use-after-free when unregistering thermal zone device
     - fuse: fix memleak in cuse_channel_open
     - sched/core: Fix migration to invalid CPU in __set_cpus_allowed_ptr()
     - kernel/elfcore.c: include proper prototypes
     - tools lib traceevent: Do not free tep->cmdlines in add_new_comm() on
     - perf tools: Fix segfault in cpu_cache_level__read()
     - perf stat: Fix a segmentation fault when using repeat forever
     - perf stat: Reset previous counts on repeat with interval
     - cfg80211: add and use strongly typed element iteration macros
     - cfg80211: Use const more consistently in for_each_element macros
     - nl80211: validate beacon head (CVE-2019-16746)
     - [armhf] ASoC: sgtl5000: Improve VAG power and mute control
     - panic: ensure preemption is disabled during panic()
     - USB: rio500: Remove Rio 500 kernel driver
     - USB: yurex: Don't retry on unexpected errors
     - USB: yurex: fix NULL-derefs on disconnect
     - xhci: Fix false warning message about wrong bounce buffer write length
     - xhci: Prevent device initiated U1/U2 link pm if exit latency is too long
     - xhci: Check all endpoints for LPM timeout
     - usb: xhci: wait for CNR controller not ready bit in xhci resume
     - xhci: Increase STS_SAVE timeout in xhci_suspend()
     - USB: adutux: remove redundant variable minor
     - USB: adutux: fix use-after-free on disconnect (CVE-2019-19523)
     - USB: adutux: fix NULL-derefs on disconnect
     - USB: adutux: fix use-after-free on release
     - USB: iowarrior: fix use-after-free on disconnect (CVE-2019-19528)
     - USB: iowarrior: fix use-after-free on release
     - USB: iowarrior: fix use-after-free after driver unbind
     - USB: usblp: fix runtime PM after driver unbind
     - USB: chaoskey: fix use-after-free on release
     - USB: ldusb: fix NULL-derefs on driver unbind
     - USB: serial: keyspan: fix NULL-derefs on open() and write()
     - USB: serial: fix runtime PM after driver unbind
     - USB: usblcd: fix I/O after disconnect
     - USB: microtek: fix info-leak at probe
     - USB: dummy-hcd: fix power budget for SuperSpeed mode
     - USB: legousbtower: fix slab info leak at probe
     - USB: legousbtower: fix deadlock on disconnect
     - USB: legousbtower: fix potential NULL-deref on disconnect
     - USB: legousbtower: fix open after failed reset request
     - USB: legousbtower: fix use-after-free on release
     - efivar/ssdt: Don't iterate over EFI vars if no SSDT override was
     - perf llvm: Don't access out-of-scope array
     - perf inject jit: Fix JIT_CODE_MOVE filename
     - CIFS: Gracefully handle QueryInfo errors during open
     - CIFS: Force revalidate inode when dentry is stale
     - CIFS: Force reval dentry if LOOKUP_REVAL flag is set
     - kernel/sysctl.c: do not override max_threads provided by userspace
     - [mips*/loongson-3] Disable Loongson MMI instructions for kernel build
     - vfs: Fix the locking in dcache_readdir() and friends
     - media: stkwebcam: fix runtime PM after driver unbind
     - [rt] tracing/hwlat: Report total time spent in all NMIs during the sample
     - [rt] tracing/hwlat: Don't ignore outer-loop duration when calculating
     - tracing: Get trace_array reference for available_tracers files
     - [x86] asm: Fix MWAITX C-state hint value
     - xfs: clear sb->s_fs_info on mount failure (CVE-2018-20976)
     - scsi: ufs: skip shutdown if hba is not powered
     - scsi: megaraid: disable device when probe failed after enabled device
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix unbound sleep in fcport delete path.
     - [armhf] OMAP2+: Fix missing reset done flag for am3 and am43
     - nl80211: fix null pointer dereference
     - mac80211: fix txq null pointer dereference
     - [mips*/loongson-3] Fix the link time qualifier of 'serial_exit()'
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: Fix usage of uninitialized variable in function
     - namespace: fix namespace.pl script to support relative paths
     - ocfs2: fix panic due to ocfs2_wq is null
     - loop: Add LOOP_SET_DIRECT_IO to compat ioctl
     - sctp: change sctp_prot .no_autobind with true
     - net: avoid potential infinite loop in tc_ctl_action()
     - ipv4: Return -ENETUNREACH if we can't create route but saddr is valid
       (Closes: #945023)
     - memfd: Fix locking when tagging pins
     - USB: legousbtower: fix memleak on disconnect
     - USB: serial: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix port-close races
     - USB: ldusb: fix memleak on disconnect
     - USB: usblp: fix use-after-free on disconnect
     - USB: ldusb: fix read info leaks
     - [mips*] tlbex: Fix build_restore_pagemask KScratch restore
     - [x86] staging: wlan-ng: fix exit return when sme->key_idx >= NUM_WEPKEYS
     - scsi: core: try to get module before removing device
     - cfg80211: wext: avoid copying malformed SSIDs (CVE-2019-17133)
     - mac80211: Reject malformed SSID elements
     - [x86] drm/edid: Add 6 bpc quirk for SDC panel in Lenovo G50
     - [s390x] scsi: zfcp: fix reaction on bit error threshold notification
     - mm/slub: fix a deadlock in show_slab_objects()
     - CIFS: avoid using MID 0xFFFF
     - btrfs: block-group: Fix a memory leak due to missing
     - memstick: jmb38x_ms: Fix an error handling path in 'jmb38x_ms_probe()'
     - cpufreq: Avoid cpufreq_suspend() deadlock on system shutdown
     - xen/netback: fix error path of xenvif_connect_data()
     - PCI: PM: Fix pci_power_up()
     - Revert "net: sit: fix memory leak in sit_init_net()"
     - RDMA/cxgb4: Do not dma memory off of the stack (CVE-2019-17075)
     - dm snapshot: use mutex instead of rw_semaphore
     - dm snapshot: introduce account_start_copy() and account_end_copy()
     - dm snapshot: rework COW throttling to fix deadlock
     - dm: Use kzalloc for all structs with embedded biosets/mempools
     - [x86] HID: i2c-hid: add Direkt-Tek DTLAPY133-1 to descriptor override
     - [x86] HID: i2c-hid: Add Odys Winbook 13 to descriptor override
     - usb: handle warm-reset port requests on hub resume
     - [armhf] rtc: pcf8523: set xtal load capacitance from DT
     - exec: load_script: Do not exec truncated interpreter path
     - [x86] iio: fix center temperature of bmc150-accel-core
     - perf map: Fix overlapped map handling
     - perf jevents: Fix period for Intel fixed counters
     - staging: rtl8188eu: fix null dereference when kzalloc fails
     - RDMA/iwcm: Fix a lock inversion issue
     - [arm64] gpio: max77620: Use correct unit for debounce times
     - fs: cifs: mute -Wunused-const-variable message
     - efi/cper: Fix endianness of PCIe class code
     - [x86] efi: Do not clean dummy variable in kexec path
     - ocfs2: clear zero in unaligned direct IO
     - fs: ocfs2: fix a possible null-pointer dereference in
     - fs: ocfs2: fix a possible null-pointer dereference in
     - NFSv4: Fix leak of clp->cl_acceptor string
     - [s390x] uaccess: avoid (false positive) compiler warnings
     - tracing: Initialize iter->seq after zeroing in tracing_read_pipe()
     - USB: legousbtower: fix a signedness bug in tower_probe()
     - [x86] thunderbolt: Use 32-bit writes when writing ring producer/consumer
     - ath6kl: fix a NULL-ptr-deref bug in ath6kl_usb_alloc_urb_from_pipe()
     - fuse: flush dirty data/metadata before non-truncate setattr
     - fuse: truncate pending writes on O_TRUNC
     - ALSA: bebob: Fix prototype of helper function to return negative value
     - UAS: Revert commit 3ae62a42090f ("UAS: fix alignment of scatter/gather
     - USB: gadget: Reject endpoints with 0 maxpacket value
     - usb-storage: Revert commit 747668dbc061 ("usb-storage: Set
       virt_boundary_mask to avoid SG overflows")
     - USB: ldusb: fix ring-buffer locking
     - USB: ldusb: fix control-message timeout
     - USB: serial: whiteheat: fix potential slab corruption
     - USB: serial: whiteheat: fix line-speed endianness
     - [x86] HID: i2c-hid: add Trekstor Primebook C11B to descriptor override
     - HID: Fix assumption that devices have inputs (CVE-2019-19532)
     - HID: fix error message in hid_open_report()
     - nl80211: fix validation of mesh path nexthop
     - [s390x] cmm: fix information leak in cmm_timeout_handler()
     - rtlwifi: Fix potential overflow on P2P code (CVE-2019-17666)
     - [armhf] dmaengine: cppi41: Fix cppi41_dma_prep_slave_sg() when idle
     - llc: fix sk_buff leak in llc_sap_state_process()
     - llc: fix sk_buff leak in llc_conn_service()
     - bonding: fix potential NULL deref in bond_update_slave_arr
     - net: usb: sr9800: fix uninitialized local variable
     - sch_netem: fix rcu splat in netem_enqueue()
     - sctp: fix the issue that flags are ignored when using kernel_connect
     - sctp: not bind the socket in sctp_connect
     - xfs: Correctly invert xfs_buftarg LRU isolation logic
     - ALSA: timer: Limit max instances per timer
     - ALSA: timer: Simplify error path in snd_timer_open()
     - ALSA: timer: Fix mutex deadlock at releasing card
     - [armhf] regulator: ti-abb: Fix timeout in ti_abb_wait_txdone/
     - [armhf] regulator: pfuze100-regulator: Variable "val" in
       pfuze100_regulator_probe() could be uninitialized
     - [armhf] ASoc: rockchip: i2s: Fix RPM imbalance
     - [armhf] dts: logicpd-torpedo-som: Remove twl_keypad
     - [armel,armhf] mm: fix alignment handler faults under memory pressure
     - scsi: scsi_dh_alua: handle RTPG sense code correctly during state
     - perf kmem: Fix memory leak in compact_gfp_flags()
     - scsi: target: core: Do not overwrite CDB byte 1
     - cifs: Fix cifsInodeInfo lock_sem deadlock when reconnect occurs
     - dccp: do not leak jiffies on the wire
     - net: fix sk_page_frag() recursion from memory reclaim
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: Fix ping latency when deal with high throughput
     - net: Zeroing the structure ethtool_wolinfo in ethtool_get_wol()
     - net: add READ_ONCE() annotation in __skb_wait_for_more_packets()
     - [armhf] net: dsa: fix switch tree list
     - vxlan: check tun_info options_len properly
     - net/mlx4_core: Dynamically set guaranteed amount of counters per VF
     - inet: stop leaking jiffies on the wire
     - Kbuild: make designated_init attribute fatal
     - kbuild: use -fmacro-prefix-map to make __FILE__ a relative path
     - net/flow_dissector: switch to siphash (CVE-2019-18282)
     - [arm64] dmaengine: qcom: bam_dma: Fix resource leak
     - alarmtimer: Change remaining ENOTSUPP to EOPNOTSUPP
     - CDC-NCM: handle incomplete transfer of MTU
     - ipv4: Fix table id reference in fib_sync_down_addr
     - net: fix data-race in neigh_event_send()
     - nfc: netlink: fix double device reference drop
     - qede: fix NULL pointer deref in __qede_remove()
     - ALSA: timer: Fix incorrectly assigned timer instance
     - ALSA: bebob: fix to detect configured source of sampling clock for
       Focusrite Saffire Pro i/o series
     - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Fix possible workqueue stall
     - mm: thp: handle page cache THP correctly in PageTransCompoundMap
     - mm, vmstat: hide /proc/pagetypeinfo from normal users
     - dump_stack: avoid the livelock of the dump_lock
     - perf tools: Fix time sorting
     - drm/radeon: fix si_enable_smc_cac() failed issue
     - ceph: fix use-after-free in __ceph_remove_cap()
     - netfilter: nf_tables: Align nft_expr private data to 64-bit
     - netfilter: ipset: Fix an error code in ip_set_sockfn_get()
     - can: usb_8dev: fix use-after-free on disconnect
     - can: peak_usb: fix a potential out-of-sync while decoding packets
     - can: gs_usb: gs_can_open(): prevent memory leak (CVE-2019-19052)
     - can: peak_usb: fix slab info leak (CVE-2019-19534)
     - configfs: Fix bool initialization/comparison
     - configfs: stash the data we need into configfs_buffer at open time
     - configfs_register_group() shouldn't be (and isn't) called in rmdirable
     - configfs: new object reprsenting tree fragments
     - configfs: provide exclusion between IO and removals
     - configfs: fix a deadlock in configfs_symlink()
     - [x86] usbip: stub_rx: fix static checker warning on unnecessary checks
     - [x86] usbip: Fix vhci_urb_enqueue() URB null transfer buffer error path
     - [x86] usbip: fix possibility of dereference by NULLL pointer in
     - [x86] drivers: usb: usbip: Add missing break statement to switch
     - [armhf] PCI: tegra: Enable Relaxed Ordering only for Tegra20 & Tegra30
     - [x86] HID: intel-ish-hid: fix wrong error handling in
     - scsi: qla2xxx: fixup incorrect usage of host_byte
     - scsi: lpfc: Honor module parameter lpfc_use_adisc
     - ipvs: move old_secure_tcp into struct netns_ipvs
     - bonding: fix unexpected IFF_BONDING bit unset
     - usb: gadget: composite: Fix possible double free memory bug
     - usb: gadget: configfs: fix concurrent issue between composite APIs
     - [armhf,arm64] usb: dwc3: remove the call trace of USBx_GFLADJ
     - [x86] perf/amd/ibs: Fix reading of the IBS OpData register and thus
       precise RIP validity
     - [x86] perf/amd/ibs: Handle erratum #420 only on the affected CPU family
     - USB: Skip endpoints with 0 maxpacket length
     - RDMA/iw_cxgb4: Avoid freeing skb twice in arp failure case
     - scsi: qla2xxx: stop timer in shutdown path
     - [amd64] fjes: Handle workqueue allocation failure
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: Fix "Trying to free already-free IRQ"
     - NFSv4: Don't allow a cached open with a revoked delegation
     - igb: Fix constant media auto sense switching when no cable is connected
     - e1000: fix memory leaks
     - [x86] apic: Move pending interrupt check code into it's own function
     - [x86] apic: Drop logical_smp_processor_id() inline
     - [x86] apic/32: Avoid bogus LDR warnings
     - mm/filemap.c: don't initiate writeback if mapping has no dirty pages
     - cgroup,writeback: don't switch wbs immediately on dead wbs if the memcg
       is dead
     - net: prevent load/store tearing on sk->sk_stamp
     - [x86] kvm: mmu: Don't read PDPTEs when paging is not enabled
     - Bluetooth: hci_ldisc: Postpone HCI_UART_PROTO_READY bit set in
       hci_uart_set_proto() (CVE-2019-15917)
     - usb: gadget: core: unmap request from DMA only if previously mapped
     - ax88172a: fix information leak on short answers
     - slip: Fix memory leak in slip_open error path
     - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix missing error check at mixer resolution test
     - ALSA: usb-audio: not submit urb for stopped endpoint
     - Input: ff-memless - kill timer in destroy() (CVE-2019-19524)
     - IB/hfi1: Ensure full Gen3 speed in a Gen4 system
     - ecryptfs_lookup_interpose(): lower_dentry->d_inode is not stable
     - ecryptfs_lookup_interpose(): lower_dentry->d_parent is not stable either
     - [x86] iommu/vt-d: Fix QI_DEV_IOTLB_PFSID and QI_DEV_EIOTLB_PFSID macros
     - mm: memcg: switch to css_tryget() in get_mem_cgroup_from_mm()
     - mm: hugetlb: switch to css_tryget() in hugetlb_cgroup_charge_cgroup()
     - ath10k: fix kernel panic by moving pci flush after napi_disable
     - ALSA: pcm: signedness bug in snd_pcm_plug_alloc()
     - [arm64] dts: tegra210-p2180: Correct sdmmc4 vqmmc-supply
     - cfg80211: Avoid regulatory restore when COUNTRY_IE_IGNORE is set
     - ALSA: seq: Do error checks at creating system ports
     - ath9k: fix tx99 with monitor mode interface
     - gfs2: Don't set GFS2_RDF_UPTODATE when the lvb is updated
     - ASoC: dpcm: Properly initialise hw->rate_max
     - [armhf] dts: exynos: Fix sound in Snow-rev5 Chromebook
     - [armhf] dts: exynos: Fix regulators configuration on Peach Pi/Pit
     - i40e: use correct length for strncpy
     - i40e: hold the rtnl lock on clearing interrupt scheme
     - i40e: Prevent deleting MAC address from VF when set by PF
     - IB/rxe: fixes for rdma read retry
     - iwlwifi: mvm: avoid sending too many BARs
     - rtl8187: Fix warning generated when strncpy() destination length matches
       the sixe argument
     - net: lan78xx: Bail out if lan78xx_get_endpoints fails
     - [armhf] ASoC: sgtl5000: avoid division by zero if lo_vag is zero
     - [armhf] dts: exynos: Disable pull control for S5M8767 PMIC
     - ath10k: wmi: disable softirq's while calling ieee80211_rx
     - [x86] ASoC: Intel: hdac_hdmi: Limit sampling rates at dai creation
     - of: make PowerMac cache node search conditional on CONFIG_PPC_PMAC
     - [armhf] dts: omap3-gta04: give spi_lcd node a label so that we can
       overwrite in other DTS files
     - [armhf] dts: omap3-gta04: fixes for tvout / venc
     - [armhf] dts: omap3-gta04: tvout: enable as display1 alias
     - [armhf] dts: omap3-gta04: fix touchscreen tsc2007
     - [armhf] dts: omap3-gta04: make NAND partitions compatible with recent
     - [armhf] dts: omap3-gta04: keep vpll2 always on
     - ath9k: add back support for using active monitor interfaces for tx99
     - signal: Always ignore SIGKILL and SIGSTOP sent to the global init
     - signal: Properly deliver SIGILL from uprobes
     - signal: Properly deliver SIGSEGV from x86 uprobes
     - f2fs: fix memory leak of percpu counter in fill_super()
     - scsi: sym53c8xx: fix NULL pointer dereference panic in sym_int_sir()
     - [armhf] imx6: register pm_power_off handler if "fsl,pmic-stby-poweroff"
       is set
     - scsi: pm80xx: Corrected dma_unmap_sg() parameter
     - scsi: pm80xx: Fixed system hang issue during kexec boot
     - kprobes: Don't call BUG_ON() if there is a kprobe in use on free list
     - nvmem: core: return error code instead of NULL from nvmem_device_get
     - media: fix: media: pci: meye: validate offset to avoid arbitrary access
     - media: dvb: fix compat ioctl translation
     - ALSA: intel8x0m: Register irq handler after register initializations
     - llc: avoid blocking in llc_sap_close()
     - [ppc64el] vdso: Correct call frame information
     - [armhf] dts: socfpga: Fix I2C bus unit-address error
     - cxgb4: Fix endianness issue in t4_fwcache()
     - component: fix loop condition to call unbind() if bind() fails
     - kernfs: Fix range checks in kernfs_get_target_path
     - ip_gre: fix parsing gre header in ipgre_err
     - [armhf] dts: rockchip: Fix erroneous SPI bus dtc warnings on rk3036
     - ath9k: Fix a locking bug in ath9k_add_interface()
     - [s390x] qeth: invoke softirqs after napi_schedule()
     - PCI/ACPI: Correct error message for ASPM disabling
     - [ppc64el] iommu: Avoid derefence before pointer check
     - [ppc64el] 64s/hash: Fix stab_rr off by one initialization
     - [ppc64el] pseries: Disable CPU hotplug across migrations
     - RDMA/i40iw: Fix incorrect iterator type
     - [armhf] power: supply: twl4030_charger: fix charging current
     - [armhf] power: supply: twl4030_charger: disable eoc interrupt on linear
     - [armhf,arm64] usb: chipidea: imx: enable OTG overcurrent in case USB
       subsystem is already started
     - [armhf,arm64] usb: chipidea: Fix otg event handler
     - [armhf] ARM: dts: am335x-evm: fix number of cpsw
     - f2fs: fix to recover inode's uid/gid during POR
     - [armel/marvell] dts: marvell: Fix SPI and I2C bus warnings
     - bnx2x: Ignore bandwidth attention in single function mode
     - [x86] CPU: Use correct macros for Cyrix calls
     - [mips*] kexec: Relax memory restriction
     - media: pci: ivtv: Fix a sleep-in-atomic-context bug in ivtv_yuv_init()
     - media: au0828: Fix incorrect error messages
     - usb: gadget: uvc: configfs: Drop leaked references to config items
     - usb: gadget: uvc: configfs: Prevent format changes after linking header
     - [armhf] phy: phy-twl4030-usb: fix denied runtime access
     - usb: gadget: uvc: Factor out video USB request queueing
     - usb: gadget: uvc: Only halt video streaming endpoint in bulk mode
     - [ppc64el] misc: genwqe: should return proper error value.
     - vfio/pci: Fix potential memory leak in vfio_msi_cap_len
     - vfio/pci: Mask buggy SR-IOV VF INTx support
     - scsi: libsas: always unregister the old device if going to discover new
     - [armhf] dts: tegra30: fix xcvr-setup-use-fuses
     - EDAC: Raise the maximum number of memory controllers
     - Bluetooth: L2CAP: Detect if remote is not able to use the whole MPS
     - crypto: fix a memory leak in rsa-kcs1pad's encryption mode
     - [arm64] dts: amd: Fix SPI bus warnings
     - [arm64] dts: lg: Fix SPI controller node names
     - fuse: use READ_ONCE on congestion_threshold and max_background
     - IB/iser: Fix possible NULL deref at iser_inv_desc()
     - memfd: Use radix_tree_deref_slot_protected to avoid the warning.
     - slcan: Fix memory leak in error path
     - net: cdc_ncm: Signedness bug in cdc_ncm_set_dgram_size()
     - [x86] atomic: Fix smp_mb__{before,after}_atomic()
     - [x86] kprobes: Prohibit probing on exception masking instructions
     - [x86] uprobes: Prohibit probing on MOV SS instruction
     - fbdev: Ditch fb_edid_add_monspecs
     - block: introduce blk_rq_is_passthrough
     - libata: have ata_scsi_rw_xlat() fail invalid passthrough requests
     - [armhf] dts: omap5: enable OTG role for DWC3 controller
     - f2fs: return correct errno in f2fs_gc
     - SUNRPC: Fix priority queue fairness
     - [armhf,arm64] kvm: Fix stage2_flush_memslot for 4 level page table
     - [arm64] numa: Report correct memblock range for the dummy node
     - ath10k: fix vdev-start timeout on error
     - ath9k: fix reporting calculated new FFT upper max
     - nl80211: Fix a GET_KEY reply attribute
     - cxgb4: Use proper enum in cxgb4_dcb_handle_fw_update
     - cxgb4: Use proper enum in IEEE_FAUX_SYNC
     - [ppc64el] pseries: Fix DTL buffer registration
     - [ppc64el] pseries: Fix how we iterate over the DTL entries
     - ixgbe: Fix crash with VFs and flow director on interface flap
     - IB/mthca: Fix error return code in __mthca_init_one()
     - IB/mlx4: Avoid implicit enumerated type conversion
     - ACPICA: Never run _REG on system_memory and system_IO
     - ALSA: hda/sigmatel - Disable automute for Elo VuPoint
     - [ppc64el] KVM: Book3S PR: Exiting split hack mode needs to fixup both PC
       and LR
     - USB: serial: cypress_m8: fix interrupt-out transfer length
     - [armel/marvell] mtd: physmap_of: Release resources on error
     - cpu/SMT: State SMT is disabled even with nosmt and without "=force"
     - brcmfmac: reduce timeout for action frame scan
     - brcmfmac: fix full timeout waiting for action frame on-channel tx
     - [armhf] clk: samsung: Use clk_hw API for calling clk framework from clk
     - NFSv4.x: fix lock recovery during delegation recall
     - [x86] dmaengine: ioat: fix prototype of ioat_enumerate_channels
     - iwlwifi: mvm: don't send keys when entering D3
     - reset: Fix potential use-after-free in __of_reset_control_get()
     - bcache: recal cached_dev_sectors on detach
     - [s390x] kasan: avoid vdso instrumentation
     - [armhf] mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Keep ADC interface on if child is wakeup
     - GFS2: Flush the GFS2 delete workqueue before stopping the kernel threads
     - media: cx231xx: fix potential sign-extension overflow on large shift
     - [x86] kexec: Correct KEXEC_BACKUP_SRC_END off-by-one error
     - gpio: syscon: Fix possible NULL ptr usage
     - spi: spidev: Fix OF tree warning logic
     - [armel,armhf] 8802/1: Call syscall_trace_exit even when system call
     - [armhf] hwmon: (pwm-fan) Silence error on probe deferral
     - mac80211: minstrel: fix CCK rate group streams value
     - [armhf] spi: rockchip: initialize dma_slave_config properly
     - [armhf] dts: omap5: Fix dual-role mode on Super-Speed port
     - [arm64] uaccess: Ensure PAN is re-enabled after unhandled uaccess fault
     - net/mlx4_en: fix mlx4 ethtool -N insertion
     - net: rtnetlink: prevent underflows in do_setvfinfo()
     - sfc: Only cancel the PPS workqueue if it exists
     - net/mlx5e: Fix set vf link state error flow
     - net/sched: act_pedit: fix WARN() in the traffic path
     - [arm64] gpio: max77620: Fixup debounce delays
     - mm/ksm.c: don't WARN if page is still mapped in remove_stable_node()
     - [x86] platform: asus-nb-wmi: Support ALS on the Zenbook UX430UQ
     - [x86] platform: asus-wmi: Only Tell EC the OS will handle display hotkeys
       from asus_nb_wmi
     - mwifiex: Fix NL80211_TX_POWER_LIMITED
     - ALSA: isight: fix leak of reference to firewire unit in error path of
       .probe callback
     - printk: fix integer overflow in setup_log_buf()
     - gfs2: Fix marking bitmaps non-full
     - synclink_gt(): fix compat_ioctl()
     - [ppc64el] Fix signedness bug in update_flash_db()
     - [ppc64el] eeh: Fix use of EEH_PE_KEEP on wrong field
     - brcmsmac: AP mode: update beacon when TIM changes
     - ath10k: allocate small size dma memory in ath10k_pci_diag_write_mem
     - btrfs: handle error of get_old_root
     - [amd64] misc: mic: fix a DMA pool free failure
     - scsi: ips: fix missing break in switch
     - [x86] KVM: Fix invvpid and invept register operand size in 64-bit mode
     - [x86] scsi: isci: Use proper enumerated type in
     - [x86] scsi: isci: Change sci_controller_start_task's return type to
     - scsi: iscsi_tcp: Explicitly cast param in iscsi_sw_tcp_host_get_param
     - [armhf] ASoC: tegra_sgtl5000: fix device_node refcounting
     - scsi: dc395x: fix dma API usage in srb_done
     - scsi: dc395x: fix DMA API usage in sg_update_list
     - net: fix warning in af_unix
     - xfs: fix use-after-free race in xfs_buf_rele
     - [x86] kprobes, ptrace.h: Make regs_get_kernel_stack_nth() not fault on
       bad stack
     - ALSA: i2c/cs8427: Fix int to char conversion
     - USB: misc: appledisplay: fix backlight update_status return code
     - usbip: tools: fix atoi() on non-null terminated string
     - SUNRPC: Fix a compile warning for cmpxchg64()
     - sunrpc: safely reallow resvport min/max inversion
     - atm: zatm: Fix empty body Clang warnings
     - [s390x] perf: Return error when debug_register fails
     - [armhf] spi: omap2-mcspi: Set FIFO DMA trigger level to word length
     - ceph: fix dentry leak in ceph_readdir_prepopulate
     - [armel/marvell] rtc: s35390a: Change buf's type to u8 in s35390a_init
     - f2fs: fix to spread clear_cold_data()
     - mISDN: Fix type of switch control variable in ctrl_teimanager
     - qlcnic: fix a return in qlcnic_dcb_get_capability()
     - net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: unsync mcast entries while switch promisc mode
     - [armhf] mfd: mc13xxx-core: Fix PMIC shutdown when reading ADC values
     - [ppc64el] process: Fix flush_all_to_thread for SPE
     - fs/ocfs2/dlm/dlmdebug.c: fix a sleep-in-atomic-context bug in
     - mm/page-writeback.c: fix range_cyclic writeback vs writepages deadlock
     - macsec: update operstate when lower device changes
     - macsec: let the administrator set UP state even if lowerdev is down
     - linux/bitmap.h: handle constant zero-size bitmaps correctly
     - linux/bitmap.h: fix type of nbits in bitmap_shift_right()
     - hfsplus: fix BUG on bnode parent update
     - hfs: fix BUG on bnode parent update
     - hfsplus: prevent btree data loss on ENOSPC
     - hfs: prevent btree data loss on ENOSPC
     - hfsplus: fix return value of hfsplus_get_block()
     - hfs: fix return value of hfs_get_block()
     - hfsplus: update timestamps on truncate()
     - hfs: update timestamp on truncate()
     - fs/hfs/extent.c: fix array out of bounds read of array extent
     - mm/memory_hotplug: make add_memory() take the device_hotplug_lock
     - igb: shorten maximum PHC timecounter update interval
     - [arm64] makefile fix build of .i file in external module case
     - ocfs2: don't put and assigning null to bh allocated outside
     - ocfs2: fix clusters leak in ocfs2_defrag_extent()
     - net: do not abort bulk send on BQL status
     - sched/fair: Don't increase sd->balance_interval on newidle balance
     - audit: print empty EXECVE args
     - [armhf,arm64] wlcore: Fix the return value in case of error in
     - rtl8xxxu: Fix missing break in switch
     - brcmsmac: never log "tid x is not agg'able" by default
     - wireless: airo: potential buffer overflow in sprintf()
     - rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix misleading REG_MCUFWDL information
     - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix Sync cache command failure during driver unload
     - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix driver modifying persistent data in Manufacturing
     - scsi: megaraid_sas: Fix msleep granularity
     - scsi: lpfc: fcoe: Fix link down issue after 1000+ link bounces
     - dlm: fix invalid free
     - dlm: don't leak kernel pointer to userspace
     - ACPICA: Use %d for signed int print formatting instead of %u
     - [arm64] pinctrl: qcom: spmi-gpio: fix gpio-hog related boot issues
     - [armhf] spi: omap2-mcspi: Fix DMA and FIFO event trigger size mismatch
     - mm/memory_hotplug: Do not unlock when fails to take the
     - Bluetooth: Fix invalid-free in bcsp_close()
     - KVM: MMU: Do not treat ZONE_DEVICE pages as being reserved
     - ath9k_hw: fix uninitialized variable data
     - dm: use blk_set_queue_dying() in __dm_destroy()
     - [arm64] fix for bad_mode() handler to always result in panic
     - cpufreq: Skip cpufreq resume if it's not suspended
     - ocfs2: remove ocfs2_is_o2cb_active()
     - [armel,armhf] 8904/1: skip nomap memblocks while finding the lowmem/
       highmem boundary
     - [x86] insn: Fix awk regexp warnings
     - [x86] speculation: Fix incorrect MDS/TAA mitigation status
     - [x86] speculation: Fix redundant MDS mitigation message
     - nfc: port100: handle command failure cleanly
     - l2tp: don't use l2tp_tunnel_find() in l2tp_ip and l2tp_ip6
     - media: vivid: Set vid_cap_streaming and vid_out_streaming to true
     - media: vivid: Fix wrong locking that causes race conditions on streaming
       stop (CVE-2019-18683)
     - media: usbvision: Fix races among open, close, and disconnect
     - cpufreq: Add NULL checks to show() and store() methods of cpufreq
     - media: uvcvideo: Fix error path in control parsing failure
     - media: b2c2-flexcop-usb: add sanity checking (CVE-2019-15291)
     - media: cxusb: detect cxusb_ctrl_msg error in query
     - media: imon: invalid dereference in imon_touch_event
     - virtio_console: reset on out of memory
     - virtio_console: don't tie bufs to a vq
     - virtio_console: allocate inbufs in add_port() only if it is needed
     - virtio_ring: fix return code on DMA mapping fails
     - virtio_console: fix uninitialized variable use
     - virtio_console: drop custom control queue cleanup
     - virtio_console: move removal code
     - usbip: tools: fix fd leakage in the function of read_attr_usbip_status
     - usb-serial: cp201x: support Mark-10 digital force gauge
     - USB: chaoskey: fix error case of a timeout
     - appledisplay: fix error handling in the scheduled work
     - USB: serial: mos7720: fix remote wakeup
     - USB: serial: mos7840: fix remote wakeup
     - staging: comedi: usbduxfast: usbduxfast_ai_cmdtest rounding error
     - [ppc64el] 64s: support nospectre_v2 cmdline option
     - [ppc64el] book3s64: Fix link stack flush on context switch
     - [ppc64el] KVM: Book3S HV: Flush link stack on guest exit to host kernel
     - ASoC: compress: fix unsigned integer overflow check
     - [armel/marvell] ASoC: kirkwood: fix external clock probe defer
     - [armhf] clk: samsung: exynos5420: Preserve PLL configuration during
     - reset: fix reset_control_ops kerneldoc comment
     - can: peak_usb: report bus recovery as well
     - [arm64] watchdog: meson: Fix the wrong value of left time
     - mac80211: fix station inactive_time shortly after boot
     - block: drbd: remove a stray unlock in __drbd_send_protocol()
     - scsi: lpfc: Fix dif and first burst use in write commands
     - [armhf] dts: imx53-voipac-dmm-668: Fix memory node duplication
     - [arm64] mm: Prevent mismatched 52-bit VA support
     - [arm64] smp: Handle errors reported by the firmware
     - [armhf] PM / AVS: SmartReflex: NULL check before some freeing functions
       is not needed
     - [x86] ACPI / LPSS: Ignore acpi_device_fix_up_power() return value
     - crypto: user - support incremental algorithm dumps
     - mwifiex: fix potential NULL dereference and use after free
     - mwifiex: debugfs: correct histogram spacing, formatting
     - rtl818x: fix potential use after free
     - xfs: require both realtime inodes to mount
     - ubi: Put MTD device after it is not used
     - ubi: Do not drop UBI device reference before using
     - gpiolib: Fix return value of gpio_to_desc() stub if !GPIOLIB
     - VSOCK: bind to random port for VMADDR_PORT_ANY
     - [armhf] mtd: rawnand: sunxi: Write pageprog related opcodes to WCMD_SET
     - btrfs: only track ref_heads in delayed_ref_updates
     - [x86] HID: intel-ish-hid: fixes incorrect error handling
     - xen/pciback: Check dev_data before using it
     - pinctrl: xway: fix gpio-hog related boot issues
     - net/mlx5: Continue driver initialization despite debugfs failure
     - [s390x] KVM: unregister debug feature on failing arch init
     - dm flakey: Properly corrupt multi-page bios.
     - gfs2: take jdata unstuff into account in do_grow
     - xfs: Align compat attrlist_by_handle with native implementation.
     - xfs: Fix bulkstat compat ioctls on x32 userspace.
     - IB/qib: Fix an error code in qib_sdma_verbs_send()
     - [ppc64el] xmon: fix dump_segments()
     - [armhf] drivers/regulator: fix a missing check of return value
     - RDMA/srp: Propagate ib_post_send() failures to the SCSI mid-layer
     - scsi: qla2xxx: deadlock by configfs_depend_item
     - scsi: csiostor: fix incorrect dma device in case of vport
     - ath6kl: Only use match sets when firmware supports it
     - ath6kl: Fix off by one error in scan completion
     - [ppc64el] prom: fix early DEBUG messages
     - [ppc64el] mm: Make NULL pointer deferences explicit on bad page faults.
     - vfio/spapr_tce: Get rid of possible infinite loop
     - [ppc64el] powernv/eeh/npu: Fix uninitialized variables in
     - drbd: ignore "all zero" peer volume sizes in handshake
     - drbd: reject attach of unsuitable uuids even if connected
     - drbd: do not block when adjusting "disk-options" while IO is frozen
     - drbd: fix print_st_err()'s prototype to match the definition
     - [armhf] regulator: tps65910: fix a missing check of return value
     - [ppc64el] pseries: Fix node leak in update_lmb_associativity_index()
     - net/net_namespace: Check the return value of register_pernet_subsys()
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmicro: fix a missing check of clk_prepare
     - [armhf] net: dsa: bcm_sf2: Propagate error value from mdio_write
     - atl1e: checking the status of atl1e_write_phy_reg
     - tipc: fix a missing check of genlmsg_put
     - ocfs2: clear journal dirty flag after shutdown journal
     - vmscan: return NODE_RECLAIM_NOSCAN in node_reclaim() when CONFIG_NUMA
       is n
     - lib/genalloc.c: fix allocation of aligned buffer from non-aligned chunk
     - lib/genalloc.c: use vzalloc_node() to allocate the bitmap
     - mtd: Check add_mtd_device() ret code
     - tipc: fix memory leak in tipc_nl_compat_publ_dump
     - net/core/neighbour: tell kmemleak about hash tables
     - net/core/neighbour: fix kmemleak minimal reference count for hash tables
     - sfc: suppress duplicate nvmem partition types in efx_ef10_mtd_probe
     - ip_tunnel: Make none-tunnel-dst tunnel port work with lwtunnel
     - decnet: fix DN_IFREQ_SIZE
     - tipc: fix skb may be leaky in tipc_link_input
     - sfc: initialise found bitmap in efx_ef10_mtd_probe
     - net: fix possible overflow in __sk_mem_raise_allocated()
     - sctp: don't compare hb_timer expire date before starting it
     - net: dev: Use unsigned integer as an argument to left-shift
     - [x86] iommu/amd: Fix NULL dereference bug in match_hid_uid
     - scsi: libsas: Support SATA PHY connection rate unmatch fixing during
     - ACPI / APEI: Switch estatus pool to use vmalloc memory
     - scsi: libsas: Check SMP PHY control function result
     - [ppc64el] pseries/dlpar: Fix a missing check in dlpar_parse_cc_property()
     - mtd: Remove a debug trace in mtdpart.c
     - mm, gup: add missing refcount overflow checks on x86 and s390
     - [amd64] mei: bus: prefix device names on bus with the bus name
     - media: v4l2-ctrl: fix flags for DO_WHITE_BALANCE
     - [arm64] net: macb: fix error format in dev_err()
     - pwm: Clear chip_data in pwm_put()
     - macvlan: schedule bc_work even if error
     - openvswitch: fix flow command message size
     - slip: Fix use-after-free Read in slip_open
     - openvswitch: drop unneeded BUG_ON() in ovs_flow_cmd_build_info()
     - openvswitch: remove another BUG_ON()
     - tipc: fix link name length check
     - sctp: cache netns in sctp_ep_common
     - net: sched: fix `tc -s class show` no bstats on class with nolock
     - HID: core: check whether Usage Page item is after Usage ID items
     - [x86] platform: hp-wmi: Fix ACPI errors caused by too small buffer
     - [arm64] tegra: Fix 'active-low' warning for Jetson TX1 regulator
     - usb: gadget: u_serial: add missing port entry locking
     - [arm64] tty: serial: msm_serial: Fix flow control
     - [armhf,arm64] serial: pl011: Fix DMA ->flush_buffer()
     - serial: serial_core: Perform NULL checks for break_ctl ops
     - autofs: fix a leak in autofs_expire_indirect()
     - exportfs_decode_fh(): negative pinned may become positive without the
       parent locked
     - audit_get_nd(): don't unlock parent too early
     - ALSA: pcm: Fix stream lock usage in snd_pcm_period_elapsed()
     - rsxx: add missed destroy_workqueue calls in remove
     - serial: core: Allow processing sysrq at port unlock time
     - cxgb4vf: fix memleak in mac_hlist initialization
     - iwlwifi: mvm: Send non offchannel traffic via AP sta
     - [armhf] 8813/1: Make aligned 2-byte getuser()/putuser() atomic on ARMv6+
     - net/mlx5: Release resource on error flow
     - [armhf] clk: rockchip: fix rk3188 sclk_smc gate data
     - [armhf] clk: rockchip: fix rk3188 sclk_mac_lbtest parameter ordering
     - [armhf] dts: rockchip: Fix rk3288-rock2 vcc_flash name
     - dlm: fix missing idr_destroy for recover_idr
     - [s390x] scsi: zfcp: drop default switch case which might paper over
       missing case
     - [arm64] pinctrl: qcom: ssbi-gpio: fix gpio-hog related boot issues
     - regulator: Fix return value of _set_load() stub
     - [mips*/octeon] octeon-platform: fix typing
     - math-emu/soft-fp.h: (_FP_ROUND_ZERO) cast 0 to void to fix warning
     - [armhf] dts: exynos: Use Samsung SoC specific compatible for DWC2 module
     - [armhf,arm64] usb: dwc3: don't log probe deferrals; but do log other
       error codes
     - ACPI: fix acpi_find_child_device() invocation in acpi_preset_companion()
     - dma-mapping: fix return type of dma_set_max_seg_size()
     - [armhf] serial: imx: fix error handling in console_setup
     - [armhf] i2c: imx: don't print error message on probe defer
     - dlm: NULL check before kmem_cache_destroy is not needed
     - nfsd: fix a warning in __cld_pipe_upcall()
     - net/x25: fix called/calling length calculation in x25_parse_address_block
     - net/x25: fix null_x25_address handling
     - tcp: fix off-by-one bug on aborting window-probing socket
     - tcp: fix SNMP TCP timeout under-estimation
     - modpost: skip ELF local symbols during section mismatch check
     - kbuild: fix single target build for external module
     - mtd: fix mtd_oobavail() incoherent returned value
     - [armhf] clk: sunxi-ng: h3/h5: Fix CSI_MCLK parent
     - dlm: fix invalid cluster name warning
     - net/mlx4_core: Fix return codes of unsupported operations
     - [ppc64el] math-emu: Update macros from GCC
     - [mips*/octeon] cvmx_pko_mem_debug8: use oldest forward compatible
     - nfsd: Return EPERM, not EACCES, in some SETATTR cases
     - tty: Don't block on IO when ldisc change is pending
     - media: stkwebcam: Bugfix for wrong return values
     - mlx4: Use snprintf instead of complicated strcpy
     - [armhf] dts: sunxi: Fix PMU compatible strings
     - sched/fair: Scale bandwidth quota and period without losing quota/period
      ratio precision
     - fuse: verify nlink
     - fuse: verify attributes
     - ALSA: pcm: oss: Avoid potential buffer overflows
     - [x86] Input: goodix - add upside-down quirk for Teclast X89 tablet
     - [x86] PCI: Avoid AMD FCH XHCI USB PME# from D0 defect
     - CIFS: Fix NULL-pointer dereference in smb2_push_mandatory_locks
     - CIFS: Fix SMB2 oplock break processing
     - tty: vt: keyboard: reject invalid keycodes
     - can: slcan: Fix use-after-free Read in slcan_open
     - jbd2: Fix possible overflow in jbd2_log_space_left()
     - [i386] drm/i810: Prevent underflow in ioctl
     - [x86] KVM: do not modify masked bits of shared MSRs
     - [x86] KVM: fix presentation of TSX feature in ARCH_CAPABILITIES
     - [x86] crypto: ccp - fix uninitialized list head
     - crypto: ecdh - fix big endian bug in ECC library
     - crypto: user - fix memory leak in crypto_report (CVE-2019-19062)
     - RDMA/qib: Validate ->show()/store() callbacks before calling them
     - thermal: Fix deadlock in thermal thermal_zone_device_check
     - [x86] KVM: fix out-of-bounds write in KVM_GET_EMULATED_CPUID
     - appletalk: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in
       unregister_snap_client (CVE-2019-19227)
     - appletalk: Set error code if register_snap_client failed
     - usb: gadget: configfs: Fix missing spin_lock_init()
     - USB: uas: honor flag to avoid CAPACITY16
     - usb: Allow USB device to be warm reset in suspended state
     - staging: rtl8188eu: fix interface sanity check
     - staging: rtl8712: fix interface sanity check
     - staging: gigaset: fix general protection fault on probe
     - staging: gigaset: fix illegal free on probe errors
     - staging: gigaset: add endpoint-type sanity check
     - xhci: Increase STS_HALT timeout in xhci_suspend()
     - [armhf] dts: pandora-common: define wl1251 as child node of mmc3
     - USB: atm: ueagle-atm: add missing endpoint check
     - USB: idmouse: fix interface sanity checks
     - USB: serial: io_edgeport: fix epic endpoint lookup
     - USB: adutux: fix interface sanity check
     - usb: core: urb: fix URB structure initialization function
     - usb: mon: Fix a deadlock in usbmon between mmap and read
     - virtio-balloon: fix managed page counts when migrating pages between zones
     - btrfs: check page->mapping when loading free space cache
     - btrfs: Remove btrfs_bio::flags member
     - Btrfs: send, skip backreference walking for extents with many references
     - btrfs: record all roots for rename exchange on a subvol
     - rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix missing code to retrieve RX buffer address
     - rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix missing callback that tests for hw release of
     - rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Fix missing enable interrupt flag
     - lib: raid6: fix awk build warnings
     - ALSA: hda - Fix pending unsol events at shutdown
     - workqueue: Fix spurious sanity check failures in destroy_workqueue()
     - workqueue: Fix pwq ref leak in rescuer_thread()
     - ASoC: Jack: Fix NULL pointer dereference in snd_soc_jack_report
     - blk-mq: avoid sysfs buffer overflow with too many CPU cores
     - cgroup: pids: use atomic64_t for pids->limit
     - ar5523: check NULL before memcpy() in ar5523_cmd()
     - cpuidle: Do not unset the driver if it is there already
     - PM / devfreq: Lock devfreq in trans_stat_show
     - ACPI: OSL: only free map once in osl.c
     - ACPI: bus: Fix NULL pointer check in acpi_bus_get_private_data()
     - ACPI: PM: Avoid attaching ACPI PM domain to certain devices
     - [armhf] pinctrl: samsung: Fix device node refcount leaks in init code
     - [armhf] mmc: host: omap_hsmmc: add code for special init of wl1251 to get
       rid of pandora_wl1251_init_card
     - ppdev: fix PPGETTIME/PPSETTIME ioctls
     - [ppc64el] Allow 64bit VDSO __kernel_sync_dicache to work across ranges
     - video/hdmi: Fix AVI bar unpack
     - quota: Check that quota is not dirty before release
     - quota: fix livelock in dquot_writeback_dquots
     - [s390x] scsi: zfcp: trace channel log even for FCP command responses
     - usb: xhci: only set D3hot for pci device
     - xhci: Fix memory leak in xhci_add_in_port()
     - xhci: make sure interrupts are restored to correct state
     - Btrfs: fix negative subv_writers counter and data space leak after
       buffered write
     - [armhf] omap: pdata-quirks: remove openpandora quirks for mmc3 and wl1251
     - scsi: lpfc: Cap NPIV vports to 256
     - [x86] MCE/AMD: Turn off MC4_MISC thresholding on all family 0x15 models
     - [x86] MCE/AMD: Carve out the MC4_MISC thresholding quirk
     - ath10k: fix fw crash by moving chip reset after napi disabled
     - [armhf] dts: omap3-tao3530: Fix incorrect MMC card detection GPIO
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix DMA unmap leak
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix session lookup in qlt_abort_work()
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Fix qla24xx_process_bidir_cmd()
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Always check the qla2x00_wait_for_hba_online() return
     - [ppc64el] Fix vDSO clock_getres()
     - reiserfs: fix extended attributes on the root directory
     - [arm64] firmware: qcom: scm: Ensure 'a0' status code is treated as signed
     - mm/shmem.c: cast the type of unmap_start to u64
     - ext4: fix a bug in ext4_wait_for_tail_page_commit
     - blk-mq: make sure that line break can be printed
     - workqueue: Fix missing kfree(rescuer) in destroy_workqueue()
     - sunrpc: fix crash when cache_head become valid before update
     - net/mlx5e: Fix SFF 8472 eeprom length
     - kernel/module.c: wakeup processes in module_wq on module unload
     - nvme: host: core: fix precedence of ternary operator
     - net: bridge: deny dev_set_mac_address() when unregistering
     - net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: fix extra rx interrupt
     - openvswitch: support asymmetric conntrack
     - tcp: md5: fix potential overestimation of TCP option space
     - tipc: fix ordering of tipc module init and exit routine
     - inet: protect against too small mtu values.
     - tcp: fix rejected syncookies due to stale timestamps
     - tcp: tighten acceptance of ACKs not matching a child socket
     - tcp: Protect accesses to .ts_recent_stamp with {READ,WRITE}_ONCE()
     - [x86] PCI: Fix Intel ACS quirk UPDCR register address
     - PCI/MSI: Fix incorrect MSI-X masking on resume
     - CIFS: Respect O_SYNC and O_DIRECT flags during reconnect
     - [armhf] tegra: Fix FLOW_CTLR_HALT register clobbering by tegra_resume()
     - vfio/pci: call irq_bypass_unregister_producer() before freeing irq
     - dma-buf: Fix memory leak in sync_file_merge()
     - dm btree: increase rebalance threshold in __rebalance2()
     - scsi: iscsi: Fix a potential deadlock in the timeout handler
     - drm/radeon: fix r1xx/r2xx register checker for POT textures
     - xhci: fix USB3 device initiated resume race with roothub autosuspend
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: use correct DMA buffer size in the RX
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: don't stop NAPI processing when dropping a
     - btrfs: skip log replay on orphaned roots
     - btrfs: do not leak reloc root if we fail to read the fs root
     - btrfs: handle ENOENT in btrfs_uuid_tree_iterate
     - ALSA: pcm: Avoid possible info leaks from PCM stream buffers
     - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Keep power on during processing DSP response
     - ALSA: hda/ca0132 - Avoid endless loop
     - drm: mst: Fix query_payload ack reply struct
     - spi: Add call to spi_slave_abort() function when spidev driver is
     - staging: rtl8192u: fix multiple memory leaks on error path
     - staging: rtl8188eu: fix possible null dereference
     - rtlwifi: prevent memory leak in rtl_usb_probe
     - libertas: fix a potential NULL pointer dereference
     - IB/iser: bound protection_sg size by data_sg size
     - tools/power/cpupower: Fix initializer override in hsw_ext_cstates
     - [armhf] hwrng: omap3-rom - Call clk_disable_unprepare() on exit only if
       not idled
     - media: flexcop-usb: fix NULL-ptr deref in flexcop_usb_transfer_init()
     - media: cec-funcs.h: add status_req checks
     - mwifiex: pcie: Fix memory leak in mwifiex_pcie_init_evt_ring
     - [armhf] media: ti-vpe: vpe: fix a v4l2-compliance warning about invalid
       pixel format
     - [armhf] media: ti-vpe: vpe: fix a v4l2-compliance failure about frame
       sequence number
     - [armhf] media: ti-vpe: vpe: Make sure YUYV is set as default format
     - [x86] mm: Use the correct function type for native_set_fixmap()
     - perf test: Report failure for mmap events
     - usb: usbfs: Suppress problematic bind and unbind uevents.
     - Bluetooth: hci_core: fix init for HCI_USER_CHANNEL
     - [x86] mce: Lower throttling MCE messages' priority to warning
     - [x86] drm/gma500: fix memory disclosures due to uninitialized bytes
     - rtl8xxxu: fix RTL8723BU connection failure issue after warm reboot
     - [x86] ioapic: Prevent inconsistent state when moving an interrupt
     - [arm64] psci: Reduce the waiting time for cpu_psci_cpu_kill()
     - libata: Ensure ata_port probe has completed before detach
     - Bluetooth: Fix advertising duplicated flags
     - bnx2x: Fix PF-VF communication over multi-cos queues.
     - ALSA: timer: Limit max amount of slave instances
     - rtlwifi: fix memory leak in rtl92c_set_fw_rsvdpagepkt()
     - perf probe: Fix to find range-only function instance
     - perf probe: Fix to list probe event with correct line number
     - perf probe: Walk function lines in lexical blocks
     - perf probe: Fix to probe an inline function which has no entry pc
     - perf probe: Fix to show ranges of variables in functions without entry_pc
     - perf probe: Fix to show inlined function callsite without entry_pc
     - perf probe: Fix to probe a function which has no entry pc
     - perf probe: Skip overlapped location on searching variables
     - perf probe: Return a better scope DIE if there is no best scope
     - perf probe: Fix to show calling lines of inlined functions
     - perf probe: Skip end-of-sequence and non statement lines
     - perf probe: Filter out instances except for inlined subroutine and
     - ath10k: fix get invalid tx rate for Mesh metric
     - media: pvrusb2: Fix oops on tear-down when radio support is not present
     - media: si470x-i2c: add missed operations in remove
     - ASoC: rt5677: Mark reg RT5677_PWR_ANLG2 as volatile
     - [s390x] disassembler: don't hide instruction addresses
     - parport: load lowlevel driver if ports not found
     - cpufreq: Register drivers only after CPU devices have been registered
     - [x86] crash: Add a forward declaration of struct kimage
     - iwlwifi: mvm: fix unaligned read of rx_pkt_status
     - [arm64] spi: tegra20-slink: add missed clk_unprepare
     - mmc: tmio: Add MMC_CAP_ERASE to allow erase/discard/trim requests
     - btrfs: don't prematurely free work in end_workqueue_fn()
     - btrfs: don't prematurely free work in run_ordered_work()
     - [x86] insn: Add some Intel instructions to the opcode map
     - iwlwifi: check kasprintf() return value
     - fbtft: Make sure string is NULL terminated
     - [armhf] crypto: sun4i-ss - Fix 64-bit size_t warnings on sun4i-ss-hash.c
     - [ppc64el] crypto: vmx - Avoid weird build failures
     - libtraceevent: Fix memory leakage in copy_filter_type
     - net: phy: initialise phydev speed and duplex sanely
     - btrfs: don't prematurely free work in reada_start_machine_worker()
     - usb: xhci: Fix build warning seen with CONFIG_PM=n
     - btrfs: don't double lock the subvol_sem for rename exchange
     - btrfs: do not call synchronize_srcu() in inode_tree_del
     - btrfs: return error pointer from alloc_test_extent_buffer
     - btrfs: abort transaction after failed inode updates in create_subvol
     - Btrfs: fix removal logic of the tree mod log that leads to use-after-free
     - af_packet: set defaule value for tmo
     - [amd64] fjes: fix missed check in fjes_acpi_add
     - mod_devicetable: fix PHY module format
     - [arm64] net: hisilicon: Fix a BUG trigered by wrong bytes_compl
     - net: qlogic: Fix error paths in ql_alloc_large_buffers()
     - net: usb: lan78xx: Fix suspend/resume PHY register access error
     - sctp: fully initialize v4 addr in some functions
     - net: dst: Force 4-byte alignment of dst_metrics
     - [x86] usbip: Fix error path of vhci_recv_ret_submit()
     - USB: EHCI: Do not return -EPIPE when hub is disconnected
     - [x86] platform: hp-wmi: Make buffer for HPWMI_FEATURE2_QUERY 128 bytes
     - [x86] staging: comedi: gsc_hpdi: check dma_alloc_coherent() return value
     - ext4: fix ext4_empty_dir() for directories with holes (CVE-2019-19037)
     - ext4: check for directory entries too close to block end
     - [ppc64el] irq: fix stack overflow verification
     - perf probe: Fix to show function entry line as probe-able
     - scsi: mpt3sas: Fix clear pending bit in ioctl status
     - scsi: lpfc: Fix locking on mailbox command completion
     - Input: atmel_mxt_ts - disable IRQ across suspend
     - [armhf,arm64] iommu/tegra-smmu: Fix page tables in > 4 GiB memory
     - scsi: target: compare full CHAP_A Algorithm strings
     - scsi: lpfc: Fix SLI3 hba in loop mode not discovering devices
     - scsi: csiostor: Don't enable IRQs too early
     - [ppc64el] pseries: Mark accumulate_stolen_time() as notrace
     - [ppc64el] pseries: Don't fail hash page table insert for bolted mapping
     - [ppc64el] security/book3s64: Report L1TF status in sysfs
     - [ppc64el] book3s64/hash: Add cond_resched to avoid soft lockup warning
     - jbd2: Fix statistics for the number of logged blocks
     - scsi: tracing: Fix handling of TRANSFER LENGTH == 0 for READ(6) and
     - scsi: lpfc: Fix duplicate unreg_rpi error in port offline flow
     - [arm64] clk: qcom: Allow constant ratio freq tables for rcg
     - fs/quota: handle overflows of sysctl fs.quota.* and report as unsigned
     - scsi: lpfc: fix: Coverity: lpfc_cmpl_els_rsp(): Null pointer dereferences
     - scsi: ufs: fix potential bug which ends in system hang
     - [ppc64el] pseries/cmm: Implement release() function for sysfs device
     - [ppc64el] security: Fix wrong message when RFI Flush is disable
     - bcache: at least try to shrink 1 node in bch_mca_scan()
     - HID: Improve Windows Precision Touchpad detection.
     - ext4: work around deleting a file with i_nlink == 0 safely
     - scsi: pm80xx: Fix for SATA device discovery
     - scsi: scsi_debug: num_tgts must be >= 0
     - scsi: target: iscsi: Wait for all commands to finish before freeing a
     - cdrom: respect device capabilities during opening action
     - perf regs: Make perf_reg_name() return "unknown" instead of NULL
     - [s390x] cpum_sf: Check for SDBT and SDB consistency
     - ocfs2: fix passing zero to 'PTR_ERR' warning
     - kernel: sysctl: make drop_caches write-only
     - [x86] mce: Fix possibly incorrect severity calculation on AMD
     - net, sysctl: Fix compiler warning when only cBPF is present
     - ALSA: hda - Downgrade error message for single-cmd fallback
     - perf strbuf: Remove redundant va_end() in strbuf_addv()
     - vfs: Make filldir[64]() verify the directory entry filename is valid
     - vfs: filldir[64]: remove WARN_ON_ONCE() for bad directory entries
     - netfilter: ebtables: compat: reject all padding in matches/watchers
     - 6pack,mkiss: fix possible deadlock
     - netfilter: bridge: make sure to pull arp header in br_nf_forward_arp()
     - net: icmp: fix data-race in cmp_global_allow()
     - hrtimer: Annotate lockless access to timer->state
     - [x86] pinctrl: baytrail: Really serialize all register accesses
     - mmc: sdhci: Update the tuning failed messages to pr_debug level
     - [amd64] net: ena: fix napi handler misbehavior when the napi budget is
     - vhost/vsock: accept only packets with the right dst_cid
     - tcp/dccp: fix possible race __inet_lookup_established()
     - tcp: do not send empty skb from tcp_write_xmit()
     - gtp: fix wrong condition in gtp_genl_dump_pdp()
     - gtp: avoid zero size hashtable
     - PM / devfreq: Don't fail devfreq_dev_release if not in list
     - RDMA/cma: add missed unregister_pernet_subsys in init failure
     - scsi: lpfc: Fix memory leak on lpfc_bsg_write_ebuf_set func
     - scsi: qla2xxx: Don't call qlt_async_event twice
     - scsi: iscsi: qla4xxx: fix double free in probe
     - scsi: libsas: stop discovering if oob mode is disconnected
     - usb: gadget: fix wrong endpoint desc
     - md: raid1: check rdev before reference in raid1_sync_request func
     - [s390x] cpum_sf: Adjust sampling interval to avoid hitting sample limits
     - [s390x] cpum_sf: Avoid SBD overflow condition in irq handler
     - IB/mlx4: Follow mirror sequence of device add during device removal
     - xen-blkback: prevent premature module unload
     - xen/balloon: fix ballooned page accounting without hotplug enabled
     - PM / hibernate: memory_bm_find_bit(): Tighten node optimisation
     - xfs: fix mount failure crash on invalid iclog memory access
     - taskstats: fix data-race
     - drm: limit to INT_MAX in create_blob ioctl
     - ALSA: ice1724: Fix sleep-in-atomic in Infrasonic Quartet support code
     - [mips*] Avoid VDSO ABI breakage due to global register variable
     - mm/zsmalloc.c: fix the migrated zspage statistics.
     - memcg: account security cred as well to kmemcg
     - locks: print unsigned ino in /proc/locks
     - dmaengine: Fix access to uninitialized dma_slave_caps
     - compat_ioctl: block: handle Persistent Reservations
     - gpiolib: fix up emulated open drain outputs
     - tracing: Have the histogram compare functions convert to u64 first
     - ALSA: cs4236: fix error return comparison of an unsigned integer
     - ftrace: Avoid potential division by zero in function profiler
     - [arm64] Revert support for execute-only user mappings
     - PM / devfreq: Check NULL governor in available_governors_show
     - nfsd4: fix up replay_matches_cache()
     - xfs: don't check for AG deadlock for realtime files in bunmapi
     - Bluetooth: btusb: fix PM leak in error case of setup
     - Bluetooth: delete a stray unlock
     - Bluetooth: Fix memory leak in hci_connect_le_scan
     - media: flexcop-usb: ensure -EIO is returned on error condition
     - media: usb: fix memory leak in af9005_identify_state (CVE-2019-18809)
     - [arm64] tty: serial: msm_serial: Fix lockup for sysrq and oops
     - fix compat handling of FICLONERANGE, FIDEDUPERANGE and FS_IOC_FIEMAP
     - drm/mst: Fix MST sideband up-reply failure handling
     - [ppc64el] pseries/hvconsole: Fix stack overread via udbg
     - rxrpc: Fix possible NULL pointer access in ICMP handling
     - ath9k_htc: Modify byte order for an error message
     - ath9k_htc: Discard undersized packets
     - net: add annotations on hh->hh_len lockless accesses
     - [s390x] smp: fix physical to logical CPU map for SMT
     - xen/blkback: Avoid unmapping unmapped grant pages
     - [x86] locking: Remove the unused atomic_inc_short() methd
     - pstore/ram: Write new dumps to start of recycled zones
     - locking/spinlock/debug: Fix various data races
     - netfilter: ctnetlink: netns exit must wait for callbacks
     - efi/gop: Return EFI_NOT_FOUND if there are no usable GOPs
     - efi/gop: Return EFI_SUCCESS if a usable GOP was found
     - efi/gop: Fix memory leak in __gop_query32/64()
     - [armhf] vexpress: Set-up shared OPP table instead of individual for each
     - netfilter: uapi: Avoid undefined left-shift in xt_sctp.h
     - [arm64] spi: spi-cavium-thunderx: Add missing pci_release_regions()
     - [ppc64el] Ensure that swiotlb buffer is allocated from low memory
     - bnx2x: Do not handle requests from VFs after parity
     - bnx2x: Fix logic to get total no. of PFs per engine
     - net: usb: lan78xx: Fix error message format specifier
     - rfkill: Fix incorrect check to avoid NULL pointer dereference
     - [x86] perf/intel: Fix PT PMI handling
     - [armhf,arm64] net: stmmac: RX buffer size must be 16 byte aligned
     - block: fix memleak when __blk_rq_map_user_iov() is failed
     - llc2: Fix return statement of llc_stat_ev_rx_null_dsap_xid_c (and
     - macvlan: do not assume mac_header is set in macvlan_broadcast()
     - [armhf] net: stmmac: dwmac-sunxi: Allow all RGMII modes
     - net: usb: lan78xx: fix possible skb leak
     - pkt_sched: fq: do not accept silly TCA_FQ_QUANTUM
     - sctp: free cmd->obj.chunk for the unprocessed SCTP_CMD_REPLY
     - tcp: fix "old stuff" D-SACK causing SACK to be treated as D-SACK
     - vxlan: fix tos value before xmit
     - vlan: vlan_changelink() should propagate errors
     - net: sch_prio: When ungrafting, replace with FIFO
     - vlan: fix memory leak in vlan_dev_set_egress_priority
     - USB: core: fix check for duplicate endpoints
     - chardev: Avoid potential use-after-free in 'chrdev_open()'
     - [armhf,arm64] usb: chipidea: host: Disable port power only if previously
     - ALSA: usb-audio: Apply the sample rate quirk for Bose Companion 5
     - tcp: minimize false-positives on TCP/GRO check
     - kernel/trace: Fix do not unregister tracepoints when register
       sched_migrate_task fail
     - HID: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in hid_field_extract
     - HID: uhid: Fix returning EPOLLOUT from uhid_char_poll
     - HID: hid-input: clear unmapped usages
     - Input: add safety guards to input_set_keycode()
     - drm/dp_mst: correct the shifting in DP_REMOTE_I2C_READ
     - can: gs_usb: gs_usb_probe(): use descriptors of current altsetting
     - can: can_dropped_invalid_skb(): ensure an initialized headroom in
       outgoing CAN sk_buffs
     - [x86] staging: vt6656: set usb_set_intfdata on driver fail.
     - USB: serial: option: add ZLP support for 0x1bc7/0x9010
     - [armhf] usb: musb: fix idling for suspend after disconnect interrupt
     - [armhf] usb: musb: Disable pullup at init
     - [armhf] usb: musb: dma: Correct parameter passed to IRQ handler
     - [x86] staging: comedi: adv_pci1710: fix AI channels 16-31 for PCI-1713
     - tty: link tty and port before configuring it as console
     - tty: always relink the port
     - mwifiex: fix possible heap overflow in mwifiex_process_country_ie()
     - mwifiex: pcie: Fix memory leak in mwifiex_pcie_alloc_cmdrsp_buf
     - scsi: bfa: release allocated memory in case of error (CVE-2019-19066)
     - rtl8xxxu: prevent leaking urb (CVE-2019-19068)
     - USB: Fix: Don't skip endpoint descriptors with maxpacket=0
     - netfilter: arp_tables: init netns pointer in xt_tgchk_param struct
     - netfilter: ipset: avoid null deref when IPSET_ATTR_LINENO is present
     - [x86] drm/i915/gen9: Clear residual context state on context switch
   [ Ben Hutchings ]
   * debian/control: Fix version in dependencies on arch-independent
     linux-headers-*-common* (Closes: #869511)
   * linux-headers: Change linux-kbuild dependency to be versioned (ensuring
     it has retpoline support on x86)
   * [rt] Update to 4.9.201-rt134:
     - Update "fs/dcache: disable preemption on i_dir_seq's write side" to
       apply after "Fix the locking in dcache_readdir() and friends"
   * Bump ABI to 12
   * xfs: catch inode allocation state mismatch corruption
   * xfs: validate cached inodes are free when allocated (CVE-2018-13093)
   * xfs: don't call xfs_da_shrink_inode with NULL bp (CVE-2018-13094)
   * rsi: add fix for crash during assertions (CVE-2018-21008)
   * libertas: Fix two buffer overflows at parsing bss descriptor
     (CVE-2019-14896, CVE-2019-14897)
   * mwifiex: Fix heap overflow in mmwifiex_process_tdls_action_frame()
   * media: usb:zr364xx:Fix KASAN:null-ptr-deref Read in zr364xx_vidioc_querycap
   * wimax: i2400: fix memory leak (CVE-2019-19051)
   * wimax: i2400: Fix memory leak in i2400m_op_rfkill_sw_toggle
   * ext4: fix use-after-free race with debug_want_extra_isize
   * ext4: add more paranoia checking in ext4_expand_extra_isize handling
   * can: kvaser_usb: kvaser_usb_leaf: Fix some info-leaks to USB devices
   * dccp: Fix memleak in __feat_register_sp (CVE-2019-20096)
 babb405f34504bf589124316432349d429a36617 15723 linux-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1.dsc
 25e2fca9aebf76dffc755c692d0947af45e483e9 94847724 linux-4.9_4.9.210.orig.tar.xz
 fea7fcdaf681370abb7e3f8966055c2e22e5c4b2 1265228 linux-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1.debian.tar.xz
 d153896dfabb2d8076c5ea2bb0ca76f4ce1ba982 7747362 linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 2880aead82c9eae712c2f843e6b7e8e01b9daf53 5804354 linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common-rt_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 c91400580e1cf9b0b03c872e406e9e8a0ce7ebae 743696 linux-support-4.9.0-0.bpo.12_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 aa142aa91d8d4b0254a9654dfeeed6daeea6277f 11489376 linux-doc-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 e3cdd93c1ed502399bc9695cbead4d2fa3831867 3286334 linux-manual-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 6ee0d1a97fc79abf23477e8720608be4e2ad6794 96976312 linux-source-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 48c2bae3de40edb9f249504c71d29f810c34557ef263eb6c40b291d0d9315fd5 15723 linux-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1.dsc
 cbcb46f73dd4edc342f58aea04200d784e27116f1e9971939bfe9a86d2ba112a 94847724 linux-4.9_4.9.210.orig.tar.xz
 dbf2f858da9b6c039792c32ba36011f81784dbba531d324b8f9dce2970677a55 1265228 linux-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1.debian.tar.xz
 6d97a31b7fcf9267c1ec7be9f8c13ede5ffaaddea8b08ac6ed5fb87b84041a5e 7747362 linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 5e29e5d0791dc8f1987364c097beb5fac84cf09ac6570999324857c28e462d7f 5804354 linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common-rt_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 27667748d921828f688f1659bcc9341681617d47a41e8a893b8024f976ea8068 743696 linux-support-4.9.0-0.bpo.12_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 bcbc81e4d2ae23a31a0cf18ca7126497bc53acd531dac1f1755a69fc23cf28b4 11489376 linux-doc-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 34dbdaafc9017efd333ef30b0048fab999360d41d2be8f67481dda5cf355101b 3286334 linux-manual-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 ebaf5d53834ae8b79326080d687adb2ab19a5ac7b270a48b27961a5b7e8635a6 96976312 linux-source-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 5d650b05d468d41bc9cf19b842bf0337 15723 kernel optional linux-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1.dsc
 f812f7c7f6037415c2d84597a1ce2e3a 94847724 kernel optional linux-4.9_4.9.210.orig.tar.xz
 eeb896e8847988026190d8faa3d4a9f8 1265228 kernel optional linux-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1.debian.tar.xz
 ca7c44b909c1f95a2368d8383ed750e8 7747362 kernel optional linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 b8bad3361795715ea2c3209bf5c774f5 5804354 kernel optional linux-headers-4.9.0-0.bpo.12-common-rt_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 4886f49eb5f2d0b5b3865fe8601f180b 743696 devel optional linux-support-4.9.0-0.bpo.12_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 768217e0cf70bdcf3b6dadb9660c0cfe 11489376 doc optional linux-doc-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 e1b9df3bb17ca436a4542eb25e60c1ec 3286334 doc optional linux-manual-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb
 f7947eb2f1f301d16a337598a3f8e799 96976312 kernel optional linux-source-4.9_4.9.210-1~deb8u1_all.deb



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