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[SECURITY] [DLA 3311-1] heimdal security update

Debian LTS Advisory DLA-3311-1                debian-lts@lists.debian.org
https://www.debian.org/lts/security/                        Helmut Grohne
February 08, 2023                             https://wiki.debian.org/LTS

Package        : heimdal
Version        : 7.5.0+dfsg-3+deb10u2
CVE ID         : CVE-2022-45142
Debian Bug     : #1030849

I discovered a flaw in Heimdal, an implementation of Kerberos 5 that
aims to be compatible with MIT Kerberos. The backports of fixes for
CVE-2022-3437 accidentally inverted important memory comparisons in the
arcfour-hmac-md5 and rc4-hmac integrity check handlers for gssapi,
resulting in incorrect validation of message integrity codes.

For Debian 10 buster, this problem has been fixed in version

We recommend that you upgrade your heimdal packages.

For the detailed security status of heimdal please refer to
its security tracker page at:

Further information about Debian LTS security advisories, how to apply
these updates to your system and frequently asked questions can be
found at: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS

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