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[SECURITY] [DLA 3205-1] inetutils security update

Debian LTS Advisory DLA-3205-1                debian-lts@lists.debian.org
https://www.debian.org/lts/security/                       Guilhem Moulin
November 25, 2022                             https://wiki.debian.org/LTS

Package        : inetutils
Version        : 2:1.9.4-7+deb10u2
CVE ID         : CVE-2019-0053 CVE-2021-40491 CVE-2022-39028
Debian Bug     : 945861 956084 993476

Several security vulnerabilities were discovered in inetutils, a
collection of common network programs.


    inetutils' telnet client doesn't sufficiently validate environment
    variables, which can lead to stack-based buffer overflows.  This
    issue is limited to local exploitation from restricted shells.


    inetutils' ftp client before 2.2 does not validate addresses
    returned by PSV/LSPV responses to make sure they match the server
    address.  A malicious server can exploit this flaw to reach services
    in the client's private network.  (This is similar to curl's


    inetutils's telnet server through 2.3 has a NULL pointer dereference
    which a client can trigger by sending 0xff 0xf7 or 0xff 0xf8.  In a
    typical installation, the telnetd application would crash but the
    telnet service would remain available through inetd.  However, if the
    telnetd application has many crashes within a short time interval,
    the telnet service would become unavailable after inetd logs a
    "telnet/tcp server failing (looping), service terminated" error.

For Debian 10 buster, these problems have been fixed in version

We recommend that you upgrade your inetutils packages.

For the detailed security status of inetutils please refer to
its security tracker page at:

Further information about Debian LTS security advisories, how to apply
these updates to your system and frequently asked questions can be
found at: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS

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