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[SECURITY] [DLA 731-1] imagemagick security update

Package        : imagemagick
Version        : 8:
CVE ID         : CVE-2014-9805 CVE-2014-9806 CVE-2014-9807 CVE-2014-9808 
                 CVE-2014-9809 CVE-2014-9810 CVE-2014-9811 CVE-2014-9812
                 CVE-2014-9813 CVE-2014-9814 CVE-2014-9815 CVE-2014-9816
                 CVE-2014-9817 CVE-2014-9818 CVE-2014-9819 CVE-2014-9821
                 CVE-2014-9822 CVE-2014-9823 CVE-2014-9824 CVE-2014-9826
                 CVE-2014-9828 CVE-2014-9829 CVE-2014-9830 CVE-2014-9831
                 CVE-2014-9832 CVE-2014-9833 CVE-2014-9834 CVE-2014-9835
                 CVE-2014-9836 CVE-2014-9837 CVE-2014-9838 CVE-2014-9839
                 CVE-2014-9840 CVE-2014-9843 CVE-2014-9844 CVE-2014-9845
                 CVE-2014-9846 CVE-2014-9847 CVE-2014-9848 CVE-2014-9849
                 CVE-2014-9851 CVE-2014-9853 CVE-2014-9854 CVE-2014-9907
                 CVE-2015-8957 CVE-2015-8958 CVE-2015-8959 CVE-2016-4562
                 CVE-2016-4564 CVE-2016-5010 CVE-2016-5687 CVE-2016-5688
                 CVE-2016-5689 CVE-2016-5690 CVE-2016-5691 CVE-2016-5841
                 CVE-2016-5842 CVE-2016-6491 CVE-2016-6823 CVE-2016-7101
                 CVE-2016-7514 CVE-2016-7515 CVE-2016-7516 CVE-2016-7517
                 CVE-2016-7518 CVE-2016-7519 CVE-2016-7520 CVE-2016-7521
                 CVE-2016-7522 CVE-2016-7523 CVE-2016-7524 CVE-2016-7526
                 CVE-2016-7527 CVE-2016-7528 CVE-2016-7529 CVE-2016-7530
                 CVE-2016-7531 CVE-2016-7532 CVE-2016-7533 CVE-2016-7534
                 CVE-2016-7535 CVE-2016-7536 CVE-2016-7537 CVE-2016-7538
Debian Bug     : #773980 #836172 #834501 #834183 #833744 #833730 #833735

Several issues have been discovered in ImageMagick, a popular set of
programs and libraries for image manipulation. These issues include
several problems in memory handling that can result in a denial of
service attack or in execution of arbitrary code by an attacker with
control on the image input.

For Debian 7 "Wheezy", these problems have been fixed in version

We recommend that you upgrade your imagemagick packages.

Further information about Debian LTS security advisories, how to apply
these updates to your system and frequently asked questions can be
found at: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS

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