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[SECURITY] [DLA 266-1] libxml2 security update

Package        : libxml2
Version        : 2.7.8.dfsg-2+squeeze12
CVE ID         : CVE-2015-1819
Debian Bug     : #782782 #782985 #783010

This upload to Debian squeeze-lts fixes three issues found in the libxml2

(1) CVE-2015-1819 / #782782

Florian Weimer from Red Hat reported an issue against libxml2, where a
parser which uses libxml2 chokes on a crafted XML document, allocating
gigabytes of data. This is a fine line issue between API misuse and a bug
in libxml2. This issue got addressed in libxml2 upstream and the patch
has been backported to libxml2 in squeeze-lts.

(2) #782985

Jun Kokatsu reported an out-of-bounds memory access in libxml2. By
entering an unclosed html comment the libxml2 parser didn't stop parsing
at the end of the buffer, causing random memory to be included in the
parsed comment that was returned to the evoking application.

In the Shopify application (where this issue was originally discovered),
this caused ruby objects from previous http requests to be disclosed in
the rendered page.

(3) #783010

Michal Zalewski reported another out-of-bound reads issue in libxml2 that
did not cause any crashes but could be detected under ASAN and Valgrind.


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