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[SECURITY] [DLA-227-1] postgresql-8.4 update

Package        : postgresql-8.4
Version        : 8.4.22lts2-0+deb6u2
CVE ID         : CVE-2015-3165 CVE-2015-3166 CVE-2015-3167

Several vulnerabilities were discovered in PostgreSQL, a relational
database server system.  The 8.4 branch is EOLed upstream, but still
present in Debian squeeze.  This new LTS minor version contains the
fixes that were applied upstream to the 9.0.20 version, backported to
8.4.22 which was the last version officially released by the PostgreSQL
developers.  This LTS effort for squeeze-lts is a community project
sponsored by credativ GmbH.

CVE-2015-3165: Remote crash
SSL clients disconnecting just before the authentication timeout expires
can cause the server to crash.

CVE-2015-3166: Information exposure
The replacement implementation of snprintf() failed to check for errors
reported by the underlying system library calls; the main case that
might be missed is out-of-memory situations. In the worst case this
might lead to information exposure.

CVE-2015-3167: Possible side-channel key exposure
In contrib/pgcrypto, some cases of decryption with an incorrect key
could report other error message texts. Fix by using a one-size-fits-all

Note that the next round of minor releases for PostgreSQL have already
been scheduled for early June 2015. There will be a corresponding
8.4.22lts3 update at the same time.

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