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[SECURITY] [DLA 120-2] xorg-server regression update

Package        : xorg-server
Version        : 2:1.7.7-18+deb6u3
CVE ID         : CVE-2015-3418
Debian Bug     : #774308 

Andreas Cord-Landwehr reported an issue where the X.Org Xserver would
often crash with an arithmetic exception when maximizing application

This issue (CVE-2015-3418) is a regression which got introduced by fixing
CVE-2014-8092. The above referenced version of xorg-server in Debian
squeeze-lts fixes this regression in the following way:

The length checking code validates PutImage height and byte width by
making sure that byte-width >= INT32_MAX / height. If height is zero,
this generates a divide by zero exception. Allow zero height requests
explicitly, bypassing the INT32_MAX check (in dix/dispatch.c).


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